Confinement Camps AlrEADY SET UP
Wed Jul 11, 2007 12:20

Subject: [Recall_Bush] Confinement Camps AlrEADY SET UP
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 11:37:33 -0500
From: John Swanson

Now go to my web site and read the document which contains the Homeland Security document which shows the confinement camps that have been set up waiting to be filled with objectors.  


I saw Michael Moore's movie "Fahrenheit 9/11" in Davenport, Iowa. I had to drive 70 miles to see it as I live in a community which has a newspaper called the Bureau County Republican. So I doubt if it will be shown in my area. But it should be.

The movie was well worth the drive. Michael Moore's movie contains the proof that our news media has deliberately kept us from seeing. Things I always suspected but did not have the evidence to prove. He doesn't just tell it he shows it. So before you knock the movie go see it. There are those who refuse to see this film I think because they are afraid it will prove them wrong.

They will have to admit that the Bush administration has not been acting in the peoples best interests.

There was over 500 people in the matinee showing at the theatre and after the movie was over the audience applauded wildly. As if saying thank you for having the guts to show us the truth.

For those who believe Bush should be given 4 more years. See this movie before you vote. It will open your eyes. The proof is there for you to see unless you refuse to see it. Don't make excuses go see this movie. And for heavens sake learn about the Patriot Act and what it has already done to this country.

I have a friend who expressed his opinion of Bush on a Kerry web site. He didn't say anything threatening. He just said he thought Bush was a jerk. Two weeks later he was visited by both the FBI and the local sheriff. So evidently our government does monitor these sights. He was questioned and his computer was confiscated. The charge they came up with was money laundering. They had no proof. A trumped up charge that was never pursued. They just came to scare him and they still have not returned his computer back to him. They said they are keeping it now so he has hired an attorney to get it back. His attorney said that he has never seen anything like this in his lifetime. So much for our freedom of speech. We have traded our rights in exchange for a sense of false security.

This could never have happened before the changes the Bush Administration has made to our constitution through the Patriot Act which was made into law and says that your home can be invaded and things taken without a search warrant. There is nothing Patriotic about this Act which was made law and is due to expire in December. Bush said it would only be temporary but now wants to make it permanent. Are you aware that George W. Bush took an oath of office when he became President which promises to preserve and protect our Constitution? The Patriot Act does the exact opposite, it takes away our rights. I guess that he forgot what he promised.

Soon Patriot Act #2 is coming. This one says that if you are considered a terrorist by the Bush administrations definition that even a natural born citizen can lose his citizenship and you could be placed in a prison somewhere with no due process of law. No lawyer and no jury trial. You could just vanish forever. It's a good way to silence someone who doesn't agree with what is going on in this country isn't it? This a clear violation of our Constitution. If you don't believe me then look it up yourself!

Don't tell me that it's not happening, the proof is right before your eyes. This is what our country is coming to and why we need a change in leadership.

The Bush administration and family does not want you to see Fahrenheit 9/11 and are doing everything in their power to try to keep it from being shown. They are even trying to remove the commercials from television. Why do they fear this movie so much? Because the proof is in this movie and they can't fight that. That is why they don't want you to see it. They have managed to control the news media but can't control Michael Moore.

Don't you think that if they could the Bush administration would have already sued Michael Moore if he had said anything in his film that was not true. But he shows the truth and so all they can do is try to slander the film by saying it is junk. This film is not trash, see it!

John Swanson
Princeton, Il.


Here are the documents and all the proof that you need.

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