Britain 'will expel Russian diplomats over Litvinenko'
Fri Jul 13, 2007 05:37

The expulsion of the Soviet Diplomats published by The Daily Mail, Britain 'will expel Russian diplomats over Litvinenko' Last updated at 09:22am on 12th July 2007. What was Litvinenko going to really report on that they had to eliminate him? Was this murder tied to the gigantic globalist owned and controlled media monopoly's having to have to murder Litvinenko because possibly and just maybe did he also know more about the Globalist's worldwide pedophile networks that are literally run by the CIA, NSA and that link to all of the Illuminati's global intelligentsia operations that serve these filthy Bush Cheney globalist's reptilian Satanic avarice. It was just reported that another one of Richard Cheney's British child snuff films was busted that links to Richard Cheney and this globalist mass murder for entertainment network. The snuff film industry is run by the likes of these Zionist thugs and are used for these filthy slime's perverted entertainment. Did Cheney shoot three process servers on the King Ranch killing one of them and seriously injuring the other two and did Whittington get in the way or was he also shot by Cheney on purpose and by the way, where is Whittington? and :
Is this news article about the Russian Journalist Litvinenko and the expulsion of Russian dignitaries also serving to be simply another media diversion strategy to fool the gullible public to not be able to really see what is happening and thus consider how extremely corrupted all governmental Mafias really are. What is really behind this media ploy? -
or or at: Webcast-s every Monday 11:00 am Pacific Coast Time: All Day Live, from Seattle Public Access TV, and on Thursdays at 5:00 pm PST, Call4Investigation. Next Monday July 16th, WillPWilson, Curtis Roys, Patricia Johnson-Holm interview renown investigative journalist: Don Nicoloff of the Idaho Observer on the subject that the Bush Family are
actually the NAZI "Scherff" family. Realize the threat to our worldwide existance is due to the Organized Crime Virus that is now illegally in the USA's Whitehouse. Search Results 1 - 10 of about 246 for Idaho Observer Scherff.
While the sheep are sleeping, the predators move in.

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