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Selling Out America
Fri Jul 13, 2007 15:01

Selling Out America
Submitted by BuzzFlash on Tue, 07/18/2006 - 3:22pm. Shirley Smith

Laws are sand, customs are rock. Laws can be evaded and punishment escaped, but an openly transgressed custom brings sure punishment. Mark Twain, letter, 1908.

The Bush GOP, a group of sycophantic scavengers, are selling out our ports, our roads, infrastructure, our common wealth ... what's next? Our icons? Our States? Maybe it's time for Americans to quit joking about the sale of this and that, such as the Brooklyn bridge, and find out who really owns it, and what else in this country is being disposed of, discounted, and up for sale, besides our democracy, our Bill of Rights, along with the cheapening of the lives of all Americans.
Maybe some people are surprised at this, but they shouldn't be. Corporations are going overseas, dropping the American citizen/worker, those people who made them a success. Privatization has also gripped this nation by a hangman's noose, and has been sold to Americans as being more competitive and less expensive, which, has become just the opposite, and lining more pockets. We know this, but has it occurred to Americans that we have lost control of our own government, and do you ever wonder, when did it happen?

A decent minimum wage is too much for any American to ask for and expect from a Bush GOP congress ... health care from a rich nation, bah, humbug ... too much for any American to ask for from this Bush GOP government ... Why? Because it's not profitable to those who are peddling this nation with just about every pill for every disease we could think of. And, who is doing this to Americans? Lobbyists for corporations and anyone interested in buying a piece our government.

A government that is supposed to be of the people, by the people, and for the people ... but, the people have been erased from that picture, that is, unless Uncle Sam wants you or your kids to go kill somebody for him ... then, Americans suddenly become very important. They have privatized our military, and fighting units. If there was ever a new disease or new diseases to be named, may I suggest ... CAFTA, NAFTA, WTO, and privatization? All of them are very contagious ... and there may be more to this list. These are the new diseases that will kill this country ... not AIDs, not bird flu, or some other strange strain.

Vendors of our own democracy and the common wealth. Who gave these people the right? What law gave them the right to sell off the common wealth of this nation? Will our rivers, waterways, railroads, transit systems, dams, parks, zoos, art galleries be put up on the market block ... what will they sell next? Mt. Rushmore?

And, what has already been sold that has escaped public knowledge? Those examples may sound silly, but not when people will have to walk rather than be able to afford a road trip on a toll road owned by someone in another country. Fools. We Americans are fools to allow this.

On a single day in June, an Australian-Spanish partnership paid $3.8 billion to lease the Indiana Toll Road. An Australian company bought a 99-year lease on Virginia's Pocahontas Parkway, and Texas officials decided to let a Spanish-American partnership build and run a toll road from Austin to Seguin for 50 years. (snip)

That is part of Texas Gov. Rick Perry's vision to attract more than $80 billion in private funds for roads by 2030. He wants a new tollway from Oklahoma to Mexico and the Gulf Coast, and one from Shreveport, La., and Texarkana to Mexico. Cintra-Zachry reached a $7.2 billion deal last year to develop the project's first phase. The announcement of a $1.3 billion deal in June was part of that $7.2 billion agreement, said Perry's spokesman, Robert Black.

Foreign companies buy U.S. roads, bridges - Yahoo! News

It's time Americans paid attention to what is happening under this Bush GOP anti-American, greedy regime. Would it make sense to any American who has ever owned or built a home ... that, in order to be able to afford such a home ... they would sell off their driveway, their utilities, parcel off their backyard and sell it to anyone who's willing to pay their asking price? If this were possible, how many Americans would do this just to own a home and call it "owning a home"? Americans love their privacy and this sounds utterly foolish and stupid, doesn't it? But, that is what the Bush GOP and their money hungry followers are doing with the common wealth of this nation.

The common wealth is owned by the taxpayers, and the Bush GOP elite don't believe in paying taxes. They hate paying taxes. They threaten people constantly about Democrats raising taxes. How many Americans get away with not paying their bills? Their basic, every day living expenses? Republicans throw away any kind of budget and Democrats get stuck with trying to save this country's ass, every time. We have a country to run and it doesn't run on Bush GOP propaganda or fools gold. Remember? The Bush GOP elite don't believe in paying their way in this country, and they turn around and blame those who get stuck with their bills. I thought this nation would have learned a lesson from the debt, death, and destruction brought about by the Reagan/Bush presidencies. Now, we are worse off than most could ever picture in their minds.

While vacuous citizens are protesting the burning of our flags, and other common American civil rights ... their leaders, those who they so obediently obey, are selling off our ports, our roads, and anything else they can make money off of. No one in government should have the legal right to sell off this country, Democrat or Republican. They sold off this country when they lied this country into a treasonous war. How far down this road to complete bankruptcy and despair are Americans willing to go, I wonder?

Third world countries who have sold their resources will forever remain third world countries. Owing their souls to the company store or the World Bank, or groups of other countries. Owners of those resources can control the whole country through intimidation, extortion, blackmail, etc. The Bush GOP do this already, to get cooperation from countries, by refusing aid to those countries if they don't do what this criminal Bush GOP ask them to do, such as supporting the invasion of Iraq, would be a good example. Why would this not happen to American citizens? We have the leadership of a third world country, who has sold most of our war-debt to China, already.

Don't want to believe that we have third-world-type leaders? Didja listen to our leader in Russia last week, while people were getting killed all over the Middle East, all Bush could talk about was a pig that he was about to eat, and, all I could think of was ... my, how cannibalistic of him ... progressive nations are built with the minds of thinkers and the hearts and souls of great leaders who can see into the future and care about this country. They can talk the talk all they want to, this Bush GOP, but the bottom line is that they have broken the US treasury with their inability to lead, that was overpowered by their deep-seated greed.

The drums of impeachment should be pounding in every American's ear today. This country has gone as far as it should go with such a criminal faction in the White House, and if we do not stop this Bush GOP treasonous administration ... we can blame no one except ourselves. We could never have become the country we have become under such commonplace, ill-willed leadership by a group of self-entitled, self-indulgent, politically handicapped, patriotically patronizing, untrustworthy and criminally entrenched swells ... who have been hell-bent on selling out America any which way they can.

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Shirley Smith
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