“BBC Boo Boo of the Century”
Fri Jul 13, 2007 15:08

July 12, 2007
“BBC Boo Boo of the Century”

Rat Says: I came across “acrispycon” while I was watching the live feed of the’s monthly 11th day protest. I was in the chat room that corresponds to their live video and was exchanging war stories about the BBC WTC7 fiasco and how certain web sites had removed the “smoking gun” video through the first hours of that story breaking.

“Acrispycon” then informs me he had called Jane and posted it in a YouTube video. I recalled viewing this video awhile back and wondered why i hadn’t posted it !!! Anyways, here it is, enjoy. It is interesting to feel her discomfort as she avoids the topic altogether, I wonder why Jane’s getting nervous? Great work Simon Moore!

Jane Standley from BBC World reports the collapse of The Salomon Brothers Building (7WTC) a full 45 minutes prior to the collapse raising massive questions as to the BBC’s use of clairvoyants and sooth sayers. With this power, many critics are asking why the BBC were not able to predict the entire event. Complacency or a conspiracy?! *acrispycon




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