Thursday, 07/13/06


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"LEAKGATE" Staring Valerie Plame —GOOGLE: UPDATES: Valerie Plame, Thu Jul 13 20:25




INTERVIEW: BRAD BLOG...+ BLOWBACK: Chalmers Johnson —7/13/06 "The Charles Goyette Show" 7/13/06 "The 7, Thu Jul 13 13:32


Shells crash onto Beirut airport runway —GOOGLE NEWS, Thu Jul 13 02:25


Bush, insists Congress ratify military tribunals —McClatchy Newspapers, Thu Jul 13 00:47


INTERVIEW: The 2006 Aspen Ideas Festival: —"The Al Franken Show", Wed Jul 12 16:36


One Terry Reminding Us of Another Terri —Bobby Schindler, Wed Jul 12 14:05


North American Union: Treaty and Treason —Edward Haas, Wed Jul 12 12:53


[LEAKGATE] Novak: Rove Confirmed Plame's Identity —CNN / TRUTHOUT, Wed Jul 12 12:16


Senate Judiciary Cmte. Hearing on Hamdan v. Rumsfeld —"SEND THEM A ROPE PROJECT", Wed Jul 12 03:37


Russia's G8 summit is the big event this week —EUOBSERVER / WEEKLY AGENDA, Tue Jul 11 22:44


The Next Stage of the 9/11 Truth Movement —Published in Global Outlook, Tue Jul 11 18:03


How Conservatives Have Become Authoritarians —by John Dean, Tue Jul 11 17:49


Quinn Gillespie & Associates LLC —Stephen M. St. John, Tue Jul 11 17:46


Being tricked into taking the chip —Tom Green, Tue Jul 11 16:28


Could Bush Be Prosecuted for War Crimes? —By Jan Frel, AlterNet, Tue Jul 11 16:11


"Why Is Bush Spying On Democrats?!?" —by Thom Hartmann, Tue Jul 11 11:52


Imperial Racism & Apartheid in the Holy Land —FPF-fwd.: Glen Ford, Peter Gamble, Tue Jul 11 07:08




7/10/06 - CNN: Lou Dobbs Today... "America Can't Read" —Radio Your Way, Mon Jul 10 21:24

Revealed: Why Bush avoids military funerals —Michael Munk, Mon Jul 10 18:12


Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point —GOOGLE VIDEO, Mon Jul 10 02:19


There is an old saying that “War is Hell” —"Living Out Loud" Host: Annie Lord, Sun Jul 9 17:33

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