By Ralph Kermit Winterrowd, 2nd.
Oath Of Office
Tue Jul 3, 2007 19:10

Subject: Fw: Oath Of Office
Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2000 10:10:31 -0700
From: "Jack Aiken Lancaster" 

Common Law Court follow-up in Alaska

By Ralph Kermit Winterrowd, 2nd.

I filed a Case, No. 3AN-98-11676 CI in a Common-Law Court venue and jurisdiction in the city of Anchorage, Alaska in December of 1998 for the right of true ownership of my pickup, which has no tags and is not registered or titled in the State of Alaska. I'm suing the Anchorage Policemen individually, the Municipality of Anchorage, the Police Chief and others for unlawfully removing my private property from private property to have it impounded.

Since this case started, I sued the Superior Court Judge Reese assigned to this case in his individual capacity and he requested to be removed from the case. Superior Court Judge Shortell has been appointed to the case and I'm waiting for him to Trespass on the case. All of the defendants have defaulted as of February 23, 1999.

Ongoing research since this case was started has revealed that THERE ARE NO PUBLIC OFFICERS in Alaska. We have a corporate state of EMPLOYEES. There is very distinct difference between a Public Officer and an Employee. "A 'public officer' as distinguished from an 'employee' must be vested by law with a portion of the sovereignty of state [of the people!] and authorized to exercise functions either of an executive, legislative, or judicial character." Jaeger Mfg. Co. v. Maryland casualty Co., 300 N.W. 680, 684, 231 Iowa 151.

The Public Officer must have an "Oath of Office" and an "Official Bond." None of the purported judges in Alaska have either. This is how it was accomplished in Alaska. Arising under the "Constitution of the State of Alaska" Article XII, Section 5, there is a very distinct Oath of Office required. Also, in Article XII, Section 5, "The legislature may prescribe further oaths or affirmations." In Chapter 162 of the laws of Alaska of 1959, the same oath as in the "Constitution of the State of Alaska" was enacted with the difference only that employees would take this oath.

We found the document titled an "EMPLOYEE AFFIDAVIT" FOR EACH OF THE JUDGES, JUSTICES AND MAGISTRATES. On each EMPLOYEE AFFIDAVIT were the words at the top "Oath of Office" and it said the authority was chapter 162 SLA 1959. The correct words of the oath followed with their signature. It was not sealed or notarized, but just has a department signature of approval.

A second "Oath" was also filed and for the superior court judges and magistrates this document was only titled "Oath," and not a "Oath of Office." Also in this Oath were additional words. The Constitutional Oath says "Constitution of the United States," but this Oath says "Constitution of the United States of America," Also when they got to the discharge my duties as.............., instead of the 'office name,' such as superior court judge (corporate name) or judge of the superior court (de jure), they used "a judicial officer for the State of Alaska" and at the end the word "ability" was changed to "abilities."

Therefore it now makes logical sense why they have only a corporate surety instead of the required Official Bond. They are all mere employees only working under the supervision of higher corporate folks and not public officers.

We are presently preparing a demand for Articles of Impeachment against all of the Supreme Court Justices and certain specific judges to go to the president of the Senate. Also, Writs of Quo Warranto are being prepared to go to the Attorney General, to test the authority of the usurpers. Also, a notice to produce the Official Bond in 15 days as found in the private law code in title 39.

Also discovered is that we have law in Alaska by Legal Notice only - another story! Stay tuned!

"Ongoing research since this case was started has revealed that THERE ARE NO PUBLIC OFFICERS in Alaska."


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