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This is the World Without Cancer movie -- about 55 min. long.
It's great! Watch it before it disappears from the net.;7822955;/fileinfo.html

After watching the above two you'll know we have a winner
with Isagenix. Then watch the videos at Isagenix. It's the
only company out there that is offering complete nutrition --
and all the nutrition and more that we need on a daily
basis. We're basically on the ground floor. Pretty soon all
of the world will be coming to buy what we have. I'm so glad

I found it. I'm as interested in the financial freedom it can give me as I am in the health aspects of it.

Those of you who know me know I almost bit the dust several
times in the last six months. I got rid of the Papiloma
Virus, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis.

I went to a clinic about a swollen arm, and found it might be
a blood clot. Doctor there sent me to the hospital to have
an ultra-sound test to find out if it is a blood clot. YEP,
it was, and they didn't do a think about it, but kept me there giving me cat scans and biopsies, bone X-rays, telling
me a suspicious sore is cancerous but not one test proved it
was cancer. After 3 months, I'm still waiting for the last
biopsy tests. The oncologyst told me I definitely had cancer.
They told me that on other visits without the first test ever being taken. They talked to me as if I had a few weeks
left to live and told me to get together with my family to
decide what route to take. I have told the hospital docs time
and again I will not take chemotherapy and radiation even if
it turns out to be cancer. I can live a lot longer with
cancer on my own than a few months on chemo and radiation.
They have never cured more than prostate and blood cancers.
The other supposed-cured-cases were made up. I told the docs
so many times, I will not have chemo and radiation and stop
these cat scans and biopsies that spread cancer. I told them
they are trying to make me have it -- they said the first
tests didn't show cancer and so they kept taking more and
more -- at my expense, or Medicaid's or Medicare's!!!! I had
to wait three days in the hospital for each of the test
results, a complete waste of time. Yet they wouldn't let me
leave, kept threating they will cancel future appointments
and insurance. Friends have told me hospitals have become
like concentration camps where you willingly walk in, check
in all on your own and die!!!!

They kept scheduling a heart scan to tell them if I'm strong enough to undergo Chemotherapy after I told at least 24 doctors and the oncologyst, I WILL NOT HAVE CHEMO to let them kill me. Well, then I went to Ohio for a week to get 7 other tests done by 5 doctors. All came out NO CANCER. The docs in Ohio are a little more progressive than hospital docs in Vegas. They say that cat scans and biopsies are very archaic and don't even tell much except "there's a possibility certain spots MIGHT BE cancer."

While in Ohio, the hospital in Vegas kept calling me to tell me I was missing my heart scan appointments. And I told them each time to quit scheduling them as they are X-rays I do not want -- they are to determine whether my heart could withstand chemo treatments, I do not want chemo treatments, AND THEY HAVE NOT SHOWN ME ONE THET THAT SAYS I HAVE CANCER. The last biopsies were about May 5th -- two months later, they have not yet shown me those last test results. They want me to pay $20,000 a month for chemo treatments that the oncologyst makes a big % of, KNOWING I do not have cancer, and then a few months later they want to tell the world, we cured this lady of cancer with chemotherapy. I'm investigating. That's what they do. CHEMO NEVER CURED other than prostate or blood cancers. Where are the test results that it ever cured anything else? THERE AREN'T ANY. Hospitals are ripping us off AND killing people. I talked to other patients -- was in hosp. 3 times. They all had stories like mine. They came in for a back pain and hospital was making them take cat scans and X-rays for other things and wait 3 days for results, then another test, wait 3 days for results, etc.

If I left the hospital on my own without proper check out they were going to make it tough for me with insurance company, so they threatened me. The oncologyst finally let me check out when I told him that I'm going to tell Medicaid not to pay for all those waiting days. It's not fair the me or Medicaid pay for all those wasted days. AND I didn't come there for cancer tests. I know I don't have cancer. I came there about a blood clot in my arm that they said they couldn't do anything about. So, they should have released me within the hour.

The worst that's wrong with me now is the Pleurisy the hospital gave me when they kept me prisoner for 9 days and wouldn't even give me cough syrup. Oh, and I coughed so much from the Pleurisy I caught in the hospital, that I cracked three ribs and couldn't breathe, had to be put on an oxygen tank for 1-1/2 hours. That was early June. Luckily I was in a chiropractor's office in Ohio at the time. I had to post-pone flight back to Vegas and stay in Ohio an extra two weeks. The ribs are still hurting. I'm still coughing, but a little less now. I've learned to hold my ribs when I cough now.

I'm going into a hyperbaric oxygen chambers every so often for more oxygen. I'm taking all my vibrational healing waters from from Ohio. But I need nutrition, minerals and vitamins now so I've been going to Isagenix meetings and talking with the people on the plan, and all of them snapped out of whatever ailed them in their 3rd to 5th day with higher energy and better health. So, I'm starting on my plan tomorrow. It's two times cheaper to buy a 30-day plan from Isagenix than to shop at the grocery store. So, monthly food bill is being cut down. I joined Isagenix June 6th and by the 15th I already got a letter from them saying commissions were put on a credit card for me. Every Tuesday money is put on the card. I'm loving it. I had 10 people in my first two weeks signed under me and I only asked two of them to look into it because one was overweight with low energy, and the other was looking for a better income.

Watch these videos. Get healthy and wealthy -- ALSO see the WEALTH plan (top right tab).

My friend Angela lost 87 lbs. in 4 months, flushed her system, doesn't even like soda and coffee any more and has more energy than she's had in years. She went from size 18 to size 3. Her fiance, Patrick, lost 50 lbs. in 3 months. Mother-in-law lost 37 lbs. in 2 months. Check it out:

You gotta see these pics. Look at these success stories:


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