Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
Exposed: 1976 Military Plan to BLOW UP WTC
Fri Jul 6, 2007 13:20

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Subject: Exposed: 1976 Military Plan to BLOW UP WTC as printed in The Arctic Beacon
Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2007 12:28:25 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
From: Ruth D. Bundy or Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr. backflow.prevention@verizon.net
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Ladies and Gentlemen:

Apparently you have a DOD former U.S. Military employee Timothy McNivin with crucial knowledge and perhaps documents concerning the involvement of the United States Military in the events of 09/11/2001. The U.S. Marshall should take him into protective custody immediately upon orders of the Congress of the United States or President.

We have already requested a full MURDER/TREASON investigation into the events of 09-11-2001 plus murders of innocent men, women and children in battle areas when America is NOT AT WAR.

Please see these investigations are commenced immediately as well as the LEO WANTA STOLEN $27.5 TRILLION investigation also on YOU TUBE by searching $27.5 Trillion and watching the video.

Believe GOOGLE also has both video segments on 9/11 Murder and $27.5 Trillion

Be especailly alert for 070707 thru 071107 as specific dreams are already starting concerning explosives being used across America.

Pursuant to Title 18 United States Code Sections 3 and 4 you are advised and we ask for a full investigation immediately into all three areas 1) Murder and Treason of 09-11-2001, 2) Theft of $27.5 Trillion Dollars reported to the FBI and others, 3) Continuing MURDER of innocent men, women and children in IRAQ and elsewhere when we are NOT AT WAR WITH IRAQ OR ANYONE!

I ask the President to remove all Depleted Uranium Weapons from all battlefield areas as they may fall into insurgent hands and American nor any Nation can defend themselves from this Nuclear Weapon of Mass Destruction which contaminates the Planet by the winds already. AMERICA IS NOT AT WAR! Those cute PERFECT WEAPONS are contaminating every Nation, All Water, All Soil, All Animals and Insects plus humans and deaths will increase from MESOTHELEOMA TYPE LUNG DISEASE as scar tissue covers our lungs by encapsulating those .01 micron particles of radioactive DU ! Only the President can recall all DU weapons and order identification, cleanup and treatment everywhere we have used same including those military bases we both know are in all States!

Military tactics of bringing in air strikes on defenseless men, women and children who occupy buildings because of a sniper firing at the police does not make any sense! In America we remove all civilians, use BULL HORNS AND LOUD SPEAKERS EVACUATING EVERYONE then send in SWAT TEAMS or use snipers to take out the suspect firing. WE DO NOT LEVEL BUILDINGS WITH INNOCENT PEOPLE INSIDE EXCEPT IN WARTIME! Clearly we are in the wrong and remain trying to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people one second then killing THOUSANDS BY AIR RAIDS ON SUSPECTED TERRORIST TARGETS. The American Military cannot continue in this manner or ALL AMERICAN'S WILL BECOME TARGETS OF OPPORTUNITY AND REVENGE!

Mr. President:

I may really not like you but in my own heart I feel confident you COULD NEVER PERSONALLY CAUSE THIS HAVOIC AND MURDER/TREASON NOR CONTINUE SAME ONCE NOTIFIED. Having been under TOP SECRET orders during the BAY OF PIGS INVASION OF CUBA I know what the military are told and have to do until you declassify documents or they risk going to jail or worse.

YOU MR. PRESIDENT HAVE PEOPLE WORKING FOR YOU COMMITTING MURDER AND TREASON PLUS USING WEAPONS BANNED BY THE UNITED NATIONS TREATIES WE HAVE SIGNED FOR WHAT???? OIL ??? TRILLIONS IN PAYMENTS? I urge you to look at your OATH OF OFFICE and go after those who are involved IF you are innocent. Act quickly Mr. President because you know the entire Government of the United States is in danger living and working known hours in WASHINGTON D.C. where it is a TARGET for one bomb and that signals MARTIAL LAW in the United States PLUS gives full powers to the person who REPLACES YOU AND THE VICE PRESIDENT AND CONGRESS. I propose and tell you to send each and every member of Congress BACK to their home States lest they be destroyed in a bomb or other terrorist attack inside the areas they meet with the Vice President. I ask you to remove the Speakers and Representatives and let Internet/Computers and SAT systems accept debates and voting with THUMB READERS confirming any official signing on for a vote if EYE SCAN is not available as shown on NCIS. The Supreme Court should also be moved BACK to their home states to clear the building except for filings and research. America started out on horseback and on foot so Washington decided to have everyone live and work in DC. Today that must change and all must be protected at all costs. Imagine the BILLIONS saved being used for something other than staff duplicated or in triple plus housing costs and security which is mandatory. PLEASE MOVE THOSE WHO AMERICAN CANNOT DO WITHOUT BEFORE THEY ARE ATTACKED!

In Florida Channel 10 did an article on Elected Representatives VOTING FOR PEOPLE NOT IN THE LEGISLATURE ON ISSUES IMPORTANT TO THE PEOPLE OF FLORIDA! Such falsification of official voting is a CRIME but no one was arrested and hopefully this does not spread like a cancer to other legislative branch meetings where one person goes gleefully down the isles to empty seats and presses votes which are recorded and bills are passed or rejected with FALSE VOTES and everyone laughs!

The Choices are YOURS for the American People need protection and press coverage! You already know my Home Phone and Cellular Phone plus as a former law enforcement officer Military, City of Tampa, Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office and Tampa International Airport Police, you can reach me anytime if desired plus at our Plumbing Contractor firm in Florida!

Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
A Decorated American Veteran of One
4532 W. Kennedy Blvd. PMB-276
Tampa, Florida 33609-2042
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