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(The History of the Greatest Heist(s) in World History - As It/They Unfold)

. . . Part 18 - The Silver Lining(s). . .

By Nolan K. Anderson

We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.

... Aesop ...

"We'll will do what we goddamn well please"

...George Bush White House Aide...'

All Bush needs now is a nuke going off right before the elections, say, the end of October, and the tyrant can call Martial Law nation wide and invoke his own EO making himself a semi-valid dictator.

. . , National Steam . . .

Act 13, Scene 1: - Intrigue with George Bush:

In Act 12 our 136 "persons of interest" rounded up in Europe implicated their 1500 Washington counterparts with secret offshore, untaxed bank accounts accrued from "off-the-books" frauds within the European Union or from hypothecation of Leo Wanta funds. These secret bank accounts took on a mysterious life of their own and the holders of these accounts saw their credit cards on these accounts canceled and funds mysteriously "disappearing" from the accounts. The funds weren't being magically snatched from these accounts and returned to their rightful owner, Mr. Leo Wanta. No, the accounts were being frozen by authorities in the various countries. And, they were being frozen indefinitely while the countries to whom taxes should have been paid assessed taxes. But assessed taxes weren't the only items of lien on the accounts. The holders are being forced to name the source of funds in the accounts. Unfortunately for the holders of the accounts, they can't identify the source of funds because they are stolen or proceeds from illegal activities. The holders of the accounts can't appeal to anyone because of the "taint" associated with the funds - which of course will lead to severe penalties on the monies the tax man doesn't get. To add spice to the whole drama, hedge fund accounts are also being frozen because of the "taint" on some of their funds. All in all, it has been a bad couple of weeks at "Black Rock" and in our Pyongyang on the Potomac.

In light the the historic May 6, 2007 Executive Order by our Dictator-In-Waiting, making himself dictator over our country in the event of another "Reichstags Fire" like 9/11, we will now focus on the relevance of the above National Steam comment and the Leo Wanta case. There is a common thread running through these apparently unrelated items. To do this we must go back to 2004.

To find the "information vein" connecting these two "mother lodes" of intrigue, our spotlight is now focused on a rather unsavory character named Lieutenant Delmart "Mike" Vreeland. Information about Vreeland is very incomplete although a lot has been written about him. He is shrouded in mystery because he appears to have been with Naval Intelligence and much of what he has said has proven to be untrue. He has testified that his only connection with the CIA came through his Naval Intelligence work possibly having been directed by the CIA. His only real claim to fame was his having tried to use information about 9/11 one month BEFORE the event to bargain against extradition to the United States from a Canadian jail cell. Of course, neither American nor Canadian authorities were interested in his prognostications at that time. He became a "person of interest" only after the "fact". However, at the very least, Vreeland appears to have been a U.S. spy. He has a been "confirmed" as a Navy Lieutenant.

It has never been confirmed how Vreeland was able to give the details he gave about 9/11. The details he presented were of sufficient detail to cause deep concern about his depth of knowledge of the event - one month before it happened.

In 2004 Vreeland made a another prediction to someone in the United States. He is quoted as saying that 4 mega ton nuclear devices would be detonated in the American twin cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul. This information was passed to American authorities. And, nothing has happened - YET. Whether this plot has a totally domestic intelligence agency origin, a domestic intelligence operation with foreign assistance or is of foreign origin with domestic assistance is unknown. However, it would be prudent for Americans to consider that terrorist events may be planned years beforehand and that the GOP convention is, at this point, scheduled to be held in Minneapolis-St. Paul, September 1 through 4, 2008.

"Significantly, a US intelligence corporation engaged in the recovery of nuclear materials and which was known to have 'lost' certain materials at the time of the warning by Vreeland described above, subsequently 'found' them, some months later - in Boston". [1]


However, it would be well for we Americans to remember that with all we have seen and all we have refused to see in the last five and one-half years, it is considered prudent to acknowledge that we Americans are living one "event" away from martial law and complete collapse of our democracy and our way of life. Our Puppet-in-Chief using a totally corrupt and complacent Congress has put in place all the elements for such a catastrophe.

The perpetrators of 9/11 are still in place. Or did you forget? No perpetrator of the 9/11 tragedy has ever been caught and Bush fought tooth and nail to forestall the creation of the 9/11 Commission to investigate. When he finally yielded to the outrage of America and world pressure, he tried to install the world's worst living war criminal as the head of the commission - Henry Kissinger.

Halliburton has already been awarded $385 million dollars in contracts to construct "relocation centers" for whatever crisis our Village Idiot deems necessary. (Google: Halliburton, concentration camps for a grim reminder. There are 184,000 references for this topic.).


"All Bush needs now is a nuke going off right before the elections, say, the end of October, and the tyrant can call Martial Law nation wide and invoke his own EO making himself a semi-valid dictator."

Does the reader remember hearing or seeing one word from our "slip-stream" media about the POSSIBILITY of such a coincidence? At least not on Faux Snooze! So long as you listen to Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, it is extremely unlikely that you will be awakened from your slumber either.


There are two reasons for optimism at this point. The first thing to be optimistic about is that the author is not the only one to be aware of the details from Scene 1. The details for this scene have been published and reproduced an estimated 20 million times as well as making the complete rounds on the Internet. Therefore, even the CIA has been made aware of this information. For that reason alone, it is assumed that the most "interested" parties have taken note that their possible schemes have been broadcast far and wide and that the warning to the world at large may have dampened their enthusiasm for carrying out any such plan - at least during the GOP festivities in 2008. However, there is no reason to believe that their long-term plans have been in any been altered. It is assumed that the more people who become aware of the possibilities listed in Scene 1 the less likely the 9/11 perpetrators are to initiate such a scheme in the immediate future.


Secondly, the objectives of the dastardly deeds mentioned in Scene 1 require money for implementation. And, herein lies the second safe-guard. This safeguard is in place because of the greatest heist in world history. This heist revolves around Leo Wanta and the 4.5 TRILLION dollars mentioned in articles 1 through 17 of this series and which is owed him by the United States government under President Reagan's Executive Order 12333. Payment of this debt to Mr. Wanta has been approved by the Congress, The Supreme Court and The President. This huge amount of money has been stolen by George W. Bush, his Cabinet, his Vice President, his Secretary of the Treasury and the Head of Homeland Security and used to generate huge offshore personal and government untaxed "off-the-books" accounts. It is thought this vast "money generator" that was being used to accumulate the funds necessary for implementing the "second 9/11" mentioned in Scene 1 and its alleged planned suspension of civil law and the installation of a dictatorship. Unfortunately for the planners and perpetrators, their schemes and secret untaxed accounts were discovered and "frozen" permanently by the various countries in which they are located. So, the thieves involved are still "rich", they just haven't seen the tax-man yet. These hidden funds are to be taxed in the countries in which they are found, their source must be disclosed and the owners will be liable to heavy fines for non-payment of taxes.

Act 13, Scene 3:

Scenes 1 and 2 in this act should give even the average American Idol viewer just a moment's pause and possibly even cause him or her to contemplate the strength of our heritage and the fragility of our future if we don't do something more than turn our elected officials loose and allow them to prey on us after each and every election. This scene will concentrate on seeing what our media tells us about an event that brings into super sharp focus how close we are to losing all that has been given to us by our forefathers and safeguarded by our military since 1776.

Can we Americans contemplate the meaning of Civil War almost 150 years after having had one of our own? Does the horror of such a war come anywhere near to touching us even if we view it through an Iraqi's eyes as he tries to live today in a country being torn apart by such a calamity. No, we cannot so we dare not even try.

But reading our newspapers can give us a glimpse of how close we are to such an event if we know what lies behind the few words coverage given to a happening touched upon VERY LIGHTLY by our newspapers. On April 18th a Daily Telegraph article said that a gun had been accidentally fired by a Secret Service officer inside the Southwest Gate of White House and that two Secret Service agents were slightly wounded - one with shrapnel in the face and the other with a leg wound.[2] Now one would think that FAUX SNOOZE and CNN would be all over the event giving the world a minute-by-minute, helicopter view of the scene and every talking head on the East Coast would have given his expert analysis of the event. After all, these "news" organizations could give us the time and odor number each time Anna Nicole Smith "passed gas". You would think a shooting in the White House compound would at least deserve honorable mention.


Secret Service agents do not fire their guns accidentally - especially on White House Detail. Just the bare-bones story smells worse than a fishing trawler. In the first place the "shooter" would have had to be a "trick shot" artist to have hit two targets with one bullet - especially if we are talking a face wound and a leg wound. Secondly, common sense would tell one that there had to be at least two shots to wound two people in this manner- even if one wound was shrapnel only. If that is the case, then it was no accidental discharge.


The last time we heard of a celebrity shooting in the face was when Dick Cheney went duck hunting with a former friend. (Please note that the Daily Telegraph story shown in the reference section of this article, was filed at 06:22. It is unlikely that 6 am was the time of the shooting(s)). The time is probably London posting time. Therefore, the Washington DC "accident" time would have probably been sometime before 1100 pm, Washington time, April 17. If we are talking 6 am "shooting time" the circumstances are just as illogical.

So, let's look at the real story. The shooting actually occurred when an attempt was made to serve the Vice President with a subpoena from the United States Supreme Court informing him of various actions being taken against him. Several attempts had been made to serve this subpoena, but the servers had never been able to make the "serve". In fact, Mr. Cheney had said that he would never accept a subpoena from anyone. The shooting occurred when process servers attempted to serve the Vice President with a Supreme Court subpoena. It is possible that a third person was killed.[3]


Luckily the events described in this article haven't lead to a calamity for the United States and the world - YET. However, the seriousness of these events cannot be overemphasized. Each event described here is serious enough in and of itself; taken together they represent the confluence of matters that can easily lead to a melt-down of our way of life. Therefore, these events must be taken in all seriousness.

For the average American, it is business as usual - American Idol, Seinfeld reruns and a six-pack to round off the day. For the few others, it should be preservation as unusual. Each American has his own ideas about self and family preservation, but preservation on this scale is completely outside our sphere of reference.

However, if the seriousness of our situation is anywhere near even a modest-case situation, very aggressive methods should be undertaken to protect the family with whatever the individual deems necessities when war comes here.



[1] Wantagate: 'The Skinning of the Cat': Part 1

By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review,

World Reports Limited,

Sunday 22 April 2007

[2] Two hurt in White House Shooting

Daily Telegraph

April 18, 2007 06:22

(Note 1: As of June 25, 2007 this story from the Daily Telegraph has been scrubbed from Google. The story can still be found by "Googling": White House Shooting, Reuters, April 18, 2007. The story still comes up from the Sydney Morning Heard (

(Note 2: The Reuters,, story gives the shooting time as 2:10 pm. One officer suffered a shrapnel wound to the face, and the other was wounded in the leg.

"It appears that at approximately 2.10pm (0410 AEST) there was an accidental discharge of a service issued weapon, which occurred inside the Southwest Gate at a security post near the White House," Blackford said.)

[3] Wantagate: 'The Skinning Of The Cat': Part 2

By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited,

Tuesday 1 May 2007

Nolan K. Anderson is a retired engineer and a veteran of Korea who was once a "conservative" until he found there was nothing left to conserve and as a veteran hates to see a tour in Korea go to waste. (He may be reached at


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