The image has prompted messages of shock
Tue Jun 26, 2007 17:30


The image has prompted messages of shock

Titled "a picture says a thousand posts," the item was apparently posted by the entertainer and outspoken gun-control advocate at midday.


The banner photograph at the top of Rosie O'Donnell's blog today features her daughter, Vivian, wearing an ammunition belt, causing a stir among regular readers to the website. Find out more at now:


* Senate resurrects immigration bill

* Only 22% of Americans favor immigration bill

* Bush: It is amnesty

* Rice calls Hamas 'resistance movement'

* House GOP disapproves of Senate bill

* U.S. official: Blair to be Mideast envoy

* Democrats target Cheney's funds

* Pro wrestler strangled wife, smothered son

* Hilton smiles as she leaves L.A. jail

* Stocks waver as investors dissect data

Make it your homepage today!

Feds leading U.S. into 'national suicide'

How government's immigration policies are destroying America


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