By: Hal Turner
Time to "up the ante" on Immigration!
Wed Jun 27, 2007 22:57

Published Wednesday, June 27, 2007 22:00 HRS EDT
Time to "up the ante" on Immigration!
By: Hal Turner

UPDATE 11:48 PM EDT: Senate vote expected around 10:30 AM THIS MORNING!!! (Thursday, June 28) Urgent,
immediate action necessary on this !!!

The treacherous, disloyal and defiant political sleaze bags listed below have EACH overtly and willfully ignored tens of thousands of phone calls, faxes, letters and e-mails from taxpaying American Citizens telling them to vote AGAINST the immigration reform Bill. Each of them voted this week to resurrect the Immigration Bill after millions of Americans opposed it so staunchly the Senate Majority Leader was forced to withdraw the Bill from consideration just two short weeks ago.

These U.S. Senators are paid by us to represent what WE THE PEOPLE want. The power they wield is OUR power. It is loaned to them by us, for them to utilize as we instruct. Yet despite the calls, letters, faxes and e-mails from literally millions of decent, hard-working, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens, these defiant public servants resurrected the Bill and intend to ram it through the Senate by the end of this week!

Clearly, these arrogant public servants need to have far more political pressure applied to them so they truly get the message: We will not tolerate
them betraying America by continuing to side with illegal aliens over American Citizens!

To that end, I do hereby supply the home addresses and where available, the home telephone numbers, of U.S. Senators who voted to resurrect the
McCain-Kennedy Immigration Reform bill despite being told by the American People that we do not want to give law-breaking illegal aliens a path to citizenship!

Due to the incredible and terrible implications of this disastrous Immigration Bill, it is clear that We The People must make further use of our Constitutionally protected right to peaceably assemble and to Petition our representatives for the redress of Grievances; at their homes!. Where they cannot escape and cannot ignore us.

They intend to move on this Bill by the end of this week! There is no longer enough time for more letters opposing this Bill to arrive through the Mail. We're tired of them ignoring our Faxes and e-mails and we've definitely had enough of waiting on "hold" to express our views just so some staff-flunky can pay us lip service by phone, hang-up and ignore us. We will not be ignored on this matter any longer!

It is time to "up the ante" for these defiant public servants and go to their homes 24 hours a day this week to confront them personally over their disobedience! The messages they need to hear are simple:
1) OBEY.
2) Do what We The People tell you and vote against this Bill or we will take you out of office. Suddenly, dramatically and irreversibly if necessary.

It is time to begin protesting their arrogance and defiance and pressure them mercilessly at their homes; as soon as we can get there and for as long as we can stay. Thousands of us need to just get in our cars and go.

The vote on this thing may happen as early as This Friday!! There's almost no time to muster our strength. They know this and have intentionally scheduled this Bill in a manner to deny us our right to speak effectively against it. This is deliberate, open defiance of the Will of The People. It is tyranny.

Worse, the Bill as crafted would irreversibly damage our nation. On top of allowing Millions of law-breakers to remain in our nation, it would allow hundreds of thousands MORE "guest workers" into the country every year, driving more Americans out of work!

We're supposed to believe those hundreds of thousands of immigrants will simply go home after their two year "guest worker period." Yea. Sure.

We're also supposed to believe the government will actually enforce the new immigration laws better than they've failed to enforce our present laws. Yea. Sure.

HMMMM. Let's see. They promised immigration enforcement after the 1986 Amnesty. It didn't happen. They promised immigration enforcement in the last two Presidential elections, It didn't happen. They promised immigration enforcement in the last four Mid-term Cogressional elections. It didn't happen.

Yet we're supposed to believe this latest new law will somehow be enforced better? No. Not this time. We're not stupid. We won't be fooled again.

These Senators - OUR elected officials - are ignoring us and treating us like fools. They are acting as though they can do whatever they want in spite of what we want. They are wrong.

A word of caution
The information below was gathered from Public Records and while I believe it to be very accurate, in some cases it may be questionable.

For instance, phone numbers may have changed and a completely innocent person may have the Senator's old phone number! While I have personally
verified many of the home phone numbers, some are connected but I was not able to actually verify it as the correct number for the Senator's home.

In addition, people move. So while I have good cause to believe the home address information -- both in their home state and their secondary residence
around Washington, DC, / Virginia -- is accurate, be aware that someone new may live at the address listed.

We want the correct people and NOT innocent people to feel political pressure of having demonstrators out front of their homes So be
respectful and verify the information politely before proceeding to give them a message they can't ignore.

Don't Break Any Laws!
For legal liability purposes I must ask you to please not mis-use this information to commit any violation of law. Some states forbid protesting at private homes. All states forbid harassing or threatening phone calls. So before you act, make certain you'll do so in a lawful manner.

Naturally, there are some. . . . . . ahem. . . . . . "crazy" people out there (whom I call "fed-up citizens") who may choose to do bad things with this information. To them I say, please do not lay-in-wait for these defiant political whores and punch them in the face for disobeying us or crack their skulls with a baseball bat to remind them they answer to us.

In the same vein, there are other. . . . . ahem . . . . . . "nuts" ( whom I call "PATRIOTS") may also try to do bad things with this information. To them I say, please do not sneak up on the Senators when they're going into or out of their homes and shoot them. Definitely don't take up a sniper position near the homes of these stinking traitors and put a rifle shot through the dirty bastards while they're watching TV, and; for goodness sake, please do not fire bomb the sons of bitches and burn them to death in their homes.

While such acts may be well deserved by these scurrilous, sleazy, disloyal, disobedient, treasonous usurpers of the Constitution and the rule of law, and while one of America's Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton, writing in Federalist 28, Paragraph 6 told us it was OK to "rush tumultuously to arms" if we are "betrayed" by our Representatives, I strongly caution you against doing any of those things because such acts are illegal -- even if some of us know in our hearts such acts are exactly what's necessary to save The Republic.

It is a very sad time in America where I and so many others now realize we may actually have to start doing such things very soon.

If you break the law, you can be put in prison. (If you get caught.)



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