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Subject: [PissedOffVeterans] from Gary: RE treason of US government officials
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 11:56:31 -0700 (PDT)
From: a Veterans Rights Activist
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As citizens, we have watched as a growing multitude of our elected and hired government officials conduct a myriad of acts of treason against the US Constitution by directly violating their oathes of office.

In the least, these persons include our President, Vice President, several Secretaries of Defense and heads of Homeland Security, and at least two secretaries of the Veterans Administration. We have watched as Congress as a whole, United States Judges and court clerks have leaped onto that treason band wagon and systematically deprived all citizens of their Constitutional and civil rights.

Yet, we all wait for some "authority" to declare these multitudes of acts and omissions to be acts of treason!

WHY? Why do we believe that it is the sole responsibility of some "authority" to make charges of treason?

Because most of us know next to nothing about the rights and powers we individually hold under the specifications of the United States Constitution!

Did you know that the US Constitution very specifically states that it only requires the testimony of "two Witnesses" (Article III, Section 3. [1] second sentence.) Those "Witnesses" can be anyone, and citizen!

And do we not have several instances of entire city counsels and the House of Representatives of the State of Vermont passing resolutions declaring the treason of US government officials?

That seems to me to abundantly fulfill the requirement of the "two Witnesses" called for in the US Constitution!

Further, according to the several treaties covering Human Rights that the United States of America has signed - with a multitude of free nations - any signatory nation that denies the protection of its own laws, Articles, or Constitution to its citizens is in violation of world law and the world recognized Human Rights of its citizens.

Those same treaties specify that any person or persons who under color of authority of any sort violate the Human Rights of the citizens of a nation IS/ARE (a) War Criminal(s)!

That means our own government officials are War Criminals according to World Law and the treaties the USA has signed.

Did you know that our Consittuion states very clearly that the Constitution is the "Supreme law of the land" including the United States laws and the treaties signed by the USA, and that the various State laws are subject to those supreme laws? (Article VI [2])

That means that treaties signed by the USA are federal law and applicable as law to every government official and citizen!

Did you know that according to the treaties the USA has signed - and World Law:

1) It only requires participation in the violation of the world specifications of Human Rights for a person to be officially a War Criminal - no court or UN order is necessary, and

2) That under world Law and United States law, anyone who is a War Criminal can be executed on sight by anyone, without court order, without any bounty order, and without any charges or liability of any sort upon the executioner.

One begins to wonder, as one ages into the slower, shakier, and grayer years...

Where have all the educated, aware, youthful, and capable patriots gone?

Do we, the citizens of the greatest and most independent nation the earth has ever known, breed and rear such heros amongst us any more?

We did once upon a time.

They were citizens - all under the age of fifty and many with families and young children - who left their livelihoods and placed all they owned upon the line; enduring unimaginable risk, emotional and physical stress, and fear, for the freedom in which they believed.

During the resulting war for independence, thousands of them died - never to witness the freedom or the nation that they so heroicly fought to create or to see their families again.

They risked their futures, wealth, families, and their very lives to the gallows to birth this nation of free humans and open opportunity.

They were known by names such as, Washington, Jefferson, Paine, Hamilton, Franklin...

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was one of the emissaries of the citizens of the United States of America who signed with Prince George the Third, King of England and the United States of America... to the stipulation in the Paris Peace Accord of 1783 that the CITIZENS of the United States of America were recognized as SOVEREIGNS equal to the British monarchy and as ROYAL emmissaries of the KINGDOM of GOD?

Did you know that the US Congress ratified that Paris Peace Accord and made it part of the "Supreme Law of the Land" - on an equal standing with the Constitution?

Did you know that the government of the United States of America has NEVER been granted any form of sovereign right or immunity?

You, individually and collectively as US citizens, hold the only sovereign status and power in control of this nation that is recognized by the US Constitution, US Congress, World Law, nations of the world, and God!

You, are a world recognized ROYAL PRINCE or PRINCESS of the United States of America by direct decree of a world recognized monarch and you are an authority representative of the Kingdom of GOD!

THAT is why the entire world waits with baited breath, to see what YOU are going to do about YOUR government's violations of world law!

The government of the United States of America, its electees, appointees, employees, and agencies - are all your servants, by order of the "Supreme Law of this Land"!

Because YOU are sovereign - by order of God and the King of England in 1783!

In a very few days we SOVEREIGN citizens of the nation those earlier heros founded - with their very souls and life blood - will celebrate the accomplishments of those heros with festivities of abundant prosperity and overwhelming freedom in a world where no other nation holds its citizens as sovereign beings and no other nation allows its citizens such freedom.

Which of you will ask yourself or any one person next to you...

What will you do to save our nation from the growing destruction at the hands of our own government?

Are you a patriot?

Gary Kendall

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