Ruth Benderall
Re: iPhone...A new world of Communications
Sat Jun 30, 2007 00:51

Hello, hello, anybody (any soul) home here?

Is this a bloody advertisement for yet another, totally unnecessary, gadget?
And then the name of the thing: I-Phone!
This after I-Pod was thrown down the throats of the gullibles.

I do believe that this I stands for EGO.
Thus: the more EGO one has, the more one is inclined to pay an insane amount of federal reserve notes for this I-phone (or for the I-Pod; already obsolete now?).

People need to RE-learn how to communicate face-to-face.
People need to RE-learn how to speak in an articulate and understandable manner.
Absurdly priced little toys do not give persons language-skills, or other ways of expressing self.

Question remains: why would anyone want to have constant access to the w.w.w.? (as if that is the most important thing in the world).
Why would anyone want to be reachable 24/7?

All I see is people yak-yakking on their tiny toys, while they are no longer able to have a conversation with each other.

No wonder that the bees and the birds are disappearing and dying: they are suffocating in all those invisible tangled w.w.WEBS.

Thank you.
Ruth Benderall

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