Everything is political fiat, column 092
Sun Jul 1, 2007 17:28

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Subject: Everything is political fiat, column 092
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2007 14:13:34 -0700 (PDT)
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Everything is political fiat, column 092

It was, watered down, filled with exemptions, exceptions, absurdities and many “Ho-Hums.”

I'm talking about the now DOA immigration bill that floundered around in the House, before the Senate finally killed it. Though it was a lousy piece of legislation that deserved to die, it had one redeeming quality; It proves in glaring neon detail, just how inept our current federal government is at EVERYTHING!

A huge omnibus bill, that many lobbyists paid good money for, many deals cut, and still, we could not even get the President's signature.

I saw some of the recent polls, Americans want secure borders, as in right now.

This should become a major topic of discussion between all of us voters, for the 2008 elections.
Not immigration, but the inability of elected public officials to do anything. There seems to be an understanding in D.C., that once you are in, its time to do nothing.
Can we talk here?

Come on America, we elected these people and it is part of their core oath of office to protect and preserve the Constitution, which includes securing the border. Why not just pass a bill requiring all military boot camp training to include two weeks of border security. Problem solved. Think of all the budget dollars back in your pockets.
The media spinners are already dizzy from turning this one. They say we probably won't see immigration reform for years to come.


I'll tell you why, because now we are to far into the election cycle that Congress nor the President want to devote time that can be better spent fund raising dollars out of your pockets.

What a mess.

We have allowed this to happen. I believe the whole idea of the legislation this time, was to fail. This way large produce corporations keep their near free labor, and the government has a reason to keep funding social programs that take of illegal aliens at our expense.

A “guest worker” program. What exactly does this term mean? Can I have a D.C. lawyers explain it to me. When I hear this term it tells me we just need to start electing new leadership, in wholesale fashion.

While we're on the subject of communication and expense, I'd like to fold in another problem that I think is related. The new embassy we're building in Baghdad, $700 million. The largest most expensive embassy on the planet earth. Set on 104 acres, 21 buildings and there are websites with the floor plans.

Not that our enemies could ever miss a target that large.
This would be an example of when the federal government does too much.

It should be painfully obvious that this new embassy will serve as middle east united nations for our State department. Painfully obvious that our government has many plans for Iraq and has kept us out of the loop.

I wonder how many United States Marines and Soldiers it takes to properly guard and protect a target that large? 500? 750? 1000?

We should have annexed Iraq as our 51st state four years ago, and saved ourselves a bunch of cash and lives.
You see my point here. Congress and the president can plop down $700 of our money to build an embassy larger than 80 football fields, yet can we please get some soldiers on the U.S. Borders, with a few laptops and spy drones, to stop illegal aliens and drugs from destroying America.
What a mess . . . . can someone PLEASE run down to Sam's club and get the largest package of paper towels they sell. We need to clean this up before daddy gets home and blows a fuse.

Christopher J. Dardzinski
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