The Missing Trillion & Zionazi Terrorists

James C. Lancaster
The Missing Trillion & Zionazi Terrorists
Wed Jul 7, 2004 09:49

Hangar - []


Chrysler Technologies Airborne Systems
Aircraft Modification Facility
Waco, Texas

Client: Chrysler Technologies Airborne Systems
P. O. Box 4580
Waco, Texas 76715
Objective: Assist a Butler Builder® design and turnkey construct a hangar large enough to contain *****four wide-body jet airliners at once.*******
Perspective: Chrysler Technologies needed to expand their already extensive aviation modification complex with a new hangar and office to accommodate larger, wide-body jet aircraft. This hangar was to be the largest in CTAS’ headquarters complex, and received a lot of attention across the United States. Working with a Butler Builder®, Butler Construction was able to complete the project exactly on schedule.
picture this : FINCEN - []

Location: Chrysler Technologies Airborne Systems (CTAS) Aircraft Modification Facility
Waco, Texas
End Use: Aircraft modification and offices
Size: Overall—293,000 square feet
Hangar—166,500 square feet (340' x 456' x 82')
Office and shop area—126,500 square feet (90' x 456' x 50')
Structure: Widespan™ building systems
Walls: Shadowrib® and Stylwall® wall systems
Roof: MR-24® standing seam roof system
Insulation: 8" roof; 4" walls
Architect: James C. Lancaster & Associates, Grapevine, Texas
Engineering: Butler Construction, Kansas City, Missouri
Design Consultant: Carter & Burgess, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas
Features: 340 foot clear span interior; 75 foot clear opening for rolling doors at each end. Special paint ventilation system integrated with structurals providing laminar air flow pattern to meet government specifications for military contracts. Extensive mechanical loads; special floor slabs to support different weights in the hangar and office.
[] Planning zionzai blackbag jobs years in advance....That's what they do..... and couldn't "WE" with a trillion Ernst.... [] and the Davidians....still in prison ?


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