The Latest on This and That....

Ranger Rick
The Latest on This and That....
Mon Jul 5, 2004 21:04

1. Stew Webb, Internet fraudster and Bush & Company Lackey, is in meltdown mode and currently hiding out with Kenneth Webb in Independence, MO. You can call him at (816) 478-3267.
2. His former running partner Tom Heneghan wants NOTHING to do with Webb at this time since Webb has blown a fuse and Tom is trying to shake Webb off like a tick off a dog....and shut down their website that promotes their running for President.
3. Webb - sources tell us - is currently "swinging in the wind" with no back up as his handlers have deserted him - he's become a liability, too hot, and too many people have connected too many dots and now know where they lead, all the way up to the top. Webb is being run by "THEM"....this has been vetted out now without any doubts. He is a front, a bogus "Patriot" and a fraud. He, and his fraud perping pal Al Martin, psychotic Barbara Hartwell and all her bogus aliases (including Geral Sosbee) are part of the same GG (Goon Group) along with Doreen Bishop and her handlers. Sources say the GG is currently about to lose it over the material coming out of source TIM WHITE who has connected, it seems, one dot too many for their liking.
4. Leutrell Osborne - another one of those "former" CIA employees, is in the hot seat and running scared after HIS cover/false flag op has been blown recently by WHITE. Sources claim he is marked for things that can't be discussed on a public chat board. Uh huh! THAT bad, Bat Fans...THAT BAD.... Sources tag him as a "vaccume cleaner". He goes about sucking up information from well meaning yet totally clueless types, and finding out who knows what - then reports to higher ups what he's found. Unfortunately for Leutrell Osborne, now, it would seem, the good guys have found HIM. Tsk tsk tsk. Just you wait!
5. Webb was until recently, shacked up with the fake "phropetess", Linda Newkirk, at her house. Our source got her home number too: (501) 470-0035.
6. Speaking of "THEM"...sources say next time in you're slumming in DENVER, if you saunter down to the former HQ of Silverado Savings and Loan you'll find ADVANCED LEGAL perched in the same building as was the former Neil Bush Silverado S & L of scandal'll not be suprised like we weren't - of course! - if you know like we know, that ADVANCED is just one of the code names the mafia/mil/industrial/intel cabal uses to name their cute little front companies with....companies like NEPTUNE, GLOBAL, EVERGREEN...
7. LEGACY PARTNERS has taken over the Silverado building and it's also home to the Denver Republican Party...'nuff said on that.
8. Former IRS CID target DAVID STONE is still comfortably entrenched running the corrupt TSA with cronies Tom Ridge and Asa Hutchinson making sure their ex-Navy wonder boy is kept out of reach of some IRS Agents in LA who'd like to see him swinging by his balls for running a scheme at LAX that included paying ghost employees on the payroll roster and paying people under false SSN's, and of course, hiring those wonderful felons....STONE thinks he's free and clear, but he's hardly that...
9. Nor is ASA HUTCHINSON....coming under fire for recently bashing So Cal Border Patrol agents for doing their jobs: cuffing and pulling in illegal aliens off the streets. Seems they were putting a crimp in the narcotics flow...and as we all know, DRUGS are what keep ASA going like the Energizer Bunny. Can you say MENA REDUX? We can....we just did.
11. Former and current TSA Screeners involved in an explosive lawsuit are hitting one brick wall after another, as they undergo tapped phone lines, trap and traces, physical surveillance, "lost" EEOC complaints and class action lawsuits that get dropped by every spineless lawyer in America as no one wants to touch this hot topic of coverup at the most extreme levels imagineable, because it gets too close to the truth: corrupt factions of our own GUBBMENT were involved in 9-11, and will pull off another one, just in time to fix the elections. On that you can rely...
10. ...And barring that The Mechanic don't have a coronary over us dumping all this out here...MORE TO COME, BAT, SO much more to come!

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