WOW! A (R) Congressman seeking the truth....
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6/29/06 - Congressional Hearing on Iraq WMD's - C-SPAN2

A (R) Congressman seeking the truth....

Congressman Walter B. Jones - Home by DexteraNet
Official web site for Representative Walter B. Jones (R - NC, 3rd District).

AUDIO.... Rep. Jones seeks the truth.... last 10 minutes of this file.

On June 13, 2005, Rep. Jones stood before the national stage and co-sponsored legislation with ultra-liberal
Dennis Kucinich that would have begun unilateral withdrawal from Iraq as soon as possible, regardless
of mission accomplishment.


Walter B. Jones - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaRep. Walter B. Jones (R-NC). Walter Beaman Jones, Jr.
(born February 10, ... The son has long called himself simply "Walter Jones," but the "Jr." still ...

Why Was Intelligence Manipulated? Three Words: The Vice President ..., CA - Jun 26, 2006
... Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC), who has disavowed his vote for the war asked the panel why a small number
of individuals in the administration “had more influence ...


Why Was Intelligence Manipulated? Three Words: The Vice President, According to Former Official

If you needed any more proof of Dick Cheney's role in the manipulation of pre-war intelligence, this is it. The Democratic Policy Committee held a hearing this afternoon to examine the manipulation of that intelligence. Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC), who has disavowed his vote for the war asked the panel why a small number of individuals in the administration “had more influence…than the professionals.” Lawrence Wilkerson, a Republican and former chief of staff to then-Secretary of State Colin Powell, said he only needed three words to answer that question: "The Vice President." Transcript:

JONES: My question is this to all four of you who would like to answer, maybe it’s a very simple question. I apologize if it’s been asked before. But what perplexes me is how in the world could professionals – I’m not criticizing anybody here at this table – but how could the professionals see what was happening and nobody speak out?

I’m not saying you did not do your duty, please understand. My point is as a congressman who trusted what I was being told – I’m was not on the Intelligence Committee, Senator Dorgan, but I am on the Armed Services Committee – and I was being told this information. And I wish I’d the wisdom then that I might have now. I would have known what to ask. But I think many of my colleagues – they did not have the experience on the Intelligence Committee – we just pretty much accepted.

So where along the way – how did these people so early on get so much power that they had more influence in those in the administration to make decisions than you the professionals.

WILKERSON: Let me try to answer you first. Let me say right off the bat I’m glad to see you here.

JONES: Thank you sir.

WILKERSON: As a Republican, I’m somewhat embarrassed by the fact that you’re the only member of my party here.

JONES: I agree.

WILKERSON: But I understand it. I’d answer you with two words. Let me put the article in there and make it three. The Vice President.

Watch the exchange.


Having listened to Jones numerous times across the district over the last year, I am convinced of the sincerity of his views. Yet I am sincerely convinced that his lack of support for the war and unwillingness to pass legislation vital to its prosecution gives our enemies encouragement, hurts our troops and falls far short of the legacy of the Tar Heel State.




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