Ray of Hope: People are Uniting...
Sat Jul 1, 2006 17:40

Dear Ray,
For your information millions of Americans are out there on the front lines everyday trying there best to rein in an out of control corrupt U.S. Federal Government. Everyday it becomes more evident that the government by the people is no longer for the people.
American's greatest weakness is our apathy and patient suffering. In other words, social conditions need to get really bad before people take action and start asking questions. Like isn't President George W. Bush supposed to be a conservative? How do you justify a $9 trillion dollar national debt? How do you pay for never ending permanent warfare?
Of course any person with a lick of sense can see that neither is sustainable in the longterm. Thus, there are a growing number of freedom loving countrymen and women who are focusing on solutions. People are tired of lies and deception from both Republicans and Democrats.
I think people are wising up to this so called war on terror and discovering that there are non-violent and legal options to drastically reduce the level of global terrorism. People are wising up to the fact that GOVERNMENT uses terrorism to create fear in order to mask underlying objectives.
People are wising up to the fact the U.S. Federal Government uses terrorism as an excuse to expand its power. Most important people are asking the question,"Why is America the most hated country on the planet?"
I am an honorably discharged USAF veteran who loves his country but I support brealing all foreign entanglements that includes sending billions of dollars to dictatorial regimes that keep their citizenry mired on poverty to benefit the profit driven corporations who are not smart enough to see that they are cutting their own throats.
In the state of Pennsyvania legislators recently had the audacity to vote themselves a 53% pay increase. There was an immediate uprising and unity from practically every city and community. A grassroots initiative was launched called OPERATION: PA CLEAN SWEEP. Guess what? The voters won and the pay raise was rescended.
There are valiant efforts being made by third parties who are ready and willing to serve the best interests of we the people. Consider supporting the Libertarians or better yet check out http://www.americanrevolutionaryparty.us and read their platform and Declaration of Monetary Justice. Keep up the good fight and never give up hope. It ain't over until the fat lady sings...


Daniel E. Moore,President

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