Bush et al are WAR CRIMINALS!!
Sun Jul 2, 2006 13:05


If anyone in the world has doubts that Bush and his criminal associates including Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Wolfowitz, Perle,and others and sadly General Colin Powell who defected from standing up to them and presented a pack of lies to the United Nations that even a mere corporal would have understood was total garbage intelligence, are War Criminals - they must be blind.

Included in the War Criminal list are Prime Minister Blair of Britain and his Ministerial supporters, and Prime Minister Howard of Australia and his Ministerial supporters for the unprovoked attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq.

I understand that the Supreme Court ruling paves the way for Criminal prosecution of those responsible for Guantanamo, starting with Bush.

Althought it is slow moving, it is good to see that finally Americans are waking up to what is happening to them and they are starting to get vocal and do something about it.

The first thing that should happen is to remove the whole of Congess and the Senate with the exception of the very few who have had the guts to speak out and unfortunately that is a very small number. Those who have done nothing about the wars or Guantanamo or torture or secret prisons etc are basically TRAITORS to the United States and have caved in to the Bush et al Coup. If you can fix your technologically rigged voting system - then GET RID OF THEM ALL !!

Your Military leaders are also part of the Conspiracy as you suggest and have betrayed all Military Traditions - They have gone along with the Coup and are letting your sons, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives be slaughtered in Iraq along with countless thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians.

THE WAR IN IRAQ BEEN LOST - Oh sorry I forgot, it's not a war it's a LIBERATION, It's not an occupation, it's just bringing FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY to poor old IRAQ.

You have destroyed Iraq and along with that you have destroyed all that the good old USA stood for - your President and his looneys have made America akin to NAZI Germany (with apologies to the Germans - they at least were mature enough not to go along with Bush on Iraq).

You may as well pull down the Statue of Liberty and send it back to France. You have betrayed the World in terms of Freedom, Democracy and the Rule of Law.

The blunt fact is as stated by one of your own - the United States is the biggest "Terrorist" in the World and the greatest danger to World Peace along with it's poisonous little sucker fish - Israel. The question is -if we are fighting a war against the supposed 'Terrorists', where the hell are they. The fact is that the only one's that exist are conveniently manufactured at the Pentagon, It's a war against a fake enemy.

As my friend the late Joe Vialls would say "Lets get real people" - if there were real organised 'terrorists' that were fighting a war against us and one must assume they would have access to SAM's (Surface to Air Missiles) then one could assume that any terrorist leader/organisation worth it's salt would have dropped quite a few 'enemy' (that's us) civilian airliners around the world just for starters. That hasn't happened because it's all asmoke screen. And Bin Laden - they can't catch him - Oh! really.

Finally the World sees what is happening in Gaza at the moment and as usual the world stands by and does nothing - that tells the story to those of us who see what is happening in the world, and spells out for us in no uncertain terms that our leaders are morally bankrupt, as are our primary Governments and institutions.

Those of us around the World who now know and are prepared to individually fight to return the world to sanity and remove those criminals from power, understand the task will be horrendously difficult, but history has taught us such turn arounds can be achieved.

Long live Planet Earth - minus the NWO Ass----s !!!

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