9/11 & "The One Percent Doctrine"
Sun Jul 2, 2006 21:48

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A Secret War Revealed

You may think you know what the "war on terror" is. But to know it truly, you must read this book.

Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and bestselling author Ron Suskind takes you deep inside America's real battles with violent, unrelenting terrorists -- a game of kill-or-be-killed, from the Oval Office to the streets of Karachi.

Suskind has written a riveting work of narrative nonfiction, filled with exclusive, historically significant disclosures that will echo across America and the world.

What is the guiding principle of the world's most powerful nation as it searches for enemies at home and abroad? The One Percent Doctrine is the deeply secretive core of America's real playbook: a default strategy, designed by Dick Cheney, that separates America from its moorings, and has driven everything -- from war in Afghanistan to war in Iraq to the global search for jihadists.

The story begins on September 12, 2001, the day America began to gather itself for a response to the unimaginable. Ultimately, that reply would shape the nation's very character.

Suskind tells us what actually occurred over the next three years, from the inside out, by tracing the steps of the key actors -- the notables, from the President and Vice President to George Tenet and Condoleeza Rice, who oversee the "war on terror" and report progress back to an anxious nation; and the invisibles, the men and women just below the line of sight, left to improvise plans to defeat a new kind of enemy in an hour-by-hour race against disaster. The internal battles between these two teams -- one, under the hot lights; the other, actually fighting the fight -- reveal everything about what America faces, and what it has done, in this age of terror.

Who is actually running U.S. foreign policy? Is there an operational cell, armed with WMDs, inside the United States? Have some of the world's most dangerous terrorists -- including leaders of al Qaeda -- been caught and accidentally released? Can America prevail in this struggle against enemies who are patient, ingenious, certain, and have clear tactical advantage?

With his unparalled access to senior officials, past and present, Ron Suskind -- author of The Price of Loyalty, the most revealing book yet written on the Bush administration -- finally answers the questions that keep Americans awake at night.

And in the startling book, he reframes the debates that roil the globe.


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Resolved: Tenet 'Slam Dunk' Statement a White House Lie
Political Cortex, NY - 3 hours ago
... As I stated there, the circumstantial evidence uncovered by Ron Suskind in his book The One Percent Doctrine strongly suggests that George Tenet never said the ...

Resolved: Tenet 'Slam Dunk' Statement a White House Lie

By pontificator
07/02/2006 04:56:03 PM EST
Folks, we got em. By the balls. We have, here and now, uncovered one of the great lies of the Bush administration.

Which lie am I speaking of? The one I discussed in my last diary here.

As I stated there, the circumstantial evidence uncovered by Ron Suskind in his book The One Percent Doctrine strongly suggests that George Tenet never said the case for Iraqi WMD was a "slam dunk," and that the Bush administration constructed that canard out of whole cloth, and fed it to their tool Bob Woodward ("let's give it to Mikey, he'll eat anything!") to publish to the world. It was an extremely useful lie, since it supported the White House's bigger thematic lie - that the Iraqi WMD debacle was the fault of poor intelligence gathering by the CIA, as opposed to the White House's unrelenting pressure and a single minded willingness to slant the evidence.

As Suskind documented in his book, the "slam dunk" statement came in the form of a memo written by the White House and transmitted to Woodward. Accordingly, it wasn't the independent recollections of several individuals, but an authorized coordinated story put together by a team and vetted by the White House communications office. Such coordination of interested testimony would never make it past the Courthouse steps, much less get admitted in a Court of law, yet it is repeated as gospel by White House flacks and the mainstream media.

But they forgot something. There is a paper trail. Not a paper trail from the meeting itself, but a paper trail of White House coordinated statements that suggests that this "slam dunk" comment was a manufactured propaganda phrase in the days when the Iraq intelligence fiasco was becoming clear.

Let's remember some dates here. According to Suskind, this memo to Woodward containing the "slam dunk" comment was transmitted "not long before the reporter's final, December 11, 2003, interview with Bush for Plan of Attack, due out the following April."

So, sometime in the days before December 11, 2003, the "slam dunk" comment was committed to writing by the White House and transmitted to Woodward.

Which makes this article, dated November 18, 2003, quoting White House neocon ally James Woolsey, profoundly interesting:

Former CIA director James Woolsey said over the weekend that there's no question Iraq and al Qaeda worked together to plan attacks against U.S. interests during the decade leading up to 9/11, describing the evidence of an operational relationship as "a slam dunk."


"This is a slam dunk," the Clinton-era CIA chief contended, noting that his successor, George Tenet, had said the same thing in briefings last year.

Holy. ...ing. Shit. What are the odds that Tenet used the "slam dunk" phrase not once, but twice. And what are the odds that he was quoted by White House flacks as making that phrase twice in a two week period, once for each statement.

I'll tell what the odds are - not bloody likely. This was a period, remember, when the Iraq intelligence fiascos were just coming clear, and the White House was going into overdrive to blame the CIA. Clearly, the "slam dunk" phrase had entered the echo chamber, and the White House was determined to hang the phrase around Tenet's neck whatever it took.

We weren't in that room with Tenet, Bush and Cheney, so we'll never be able to say definitively what was said. But the circumstantial evidence is piling up that "slam dunk" was the result of an organized black-ops propaganda operation by the White House, using the unctuous stenographer Bob Woodward as the propaganda tool.

So I'll say what I think, based on the circumstantial evidence. George Tenet never said the Iraqi WMD evidence was a "slam dunk." Instead, it was a propaganda job by the White House.

But why would Tenet go along with this, you ask? Why didn't he stand up and say the "slam dunk" phrase was a lie, as soon as he saw it.

Suskind has an answer. To fully get the picture, you need to read pages 13 through 16 of The One Percent Doctrine. (Plus the rest the book, while you're at it.) However, I'll give you a taste:

When Republican Congressmen attacked Tenet in the days after 9/11, Bush came swiftly to his aid. "We cannot be second-guessing our team," the President told a group of angry congressmen aboard Air Force One on September 27, "and I'm not going to. The nation's at war. We need to encourage Congress to frankly leave the man alone. Tenet's doing a good job. And if he's not, blame me, not him.

At that point, George Tenet would do anything the President asked. Anything. And George W. Bush knew it

Nothing more needs to be said.



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