60 Minutes Promotes NASA -Neil Armstrong Mythology
Mon Jul 3, 2006 00:30

60 Minutes Promotes NASA -Neil Armstrong Mythology

Minutes(11-06-05), a show which gave an unexpected shot in the arm to the NASA - Neil Armstrong - Man on the Moon mythology.

REM sang "If you believe -- they put a man on the moon" -- and many still do believe.

"It's an interesting place to be. I recommend it," Armstrong said as the two 70-somethings, Armstrong and Bradley, chatted breezily about the alleged "Landing on the Moon."

Even "Uncle" Walter Cronkite, another 70-something, talked about his recollections.

Was "The Landing on the Moon" one of the best PsyOps (Psychological Operations) ever done? The troika of 70-somethings did not address the question.

"Armstrong has made a comfortable living serving on corporate boards," added the CBS voiceover.

Was the "comfortable living" a pay-off to keep his mouth shut about the truth?

Enquiring minds STILL want to know...

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# The cost of the entire Apollo program: USD $25.4 billion -1969 Dollars ($135-billion in 2005 Dollars). See NASA Budget. (Includes Mercury, Gemini, Ranger, Surveyor, Lunar Orbitar, Apollo programs.) Apollo spacecraft and Saturn rocket cost alone, was about $ 83-billion 2005 Dollars (Apollo spacecraft cost $ 28-billion (CS/M $ 17-billion; LM $ 11-billion), Saturn I, IB, V costs about $ 46-billion 2005 dollars).
Several motives have been suggested for the U.S. government to fake the moon landings - some of the recurrent elements are:

1. Distraction - The U.S. government benefited from a popular distraction to take attention away from the Vietnam war. Lunar activities did abruptly stop, with planned missions cancelled, around the same time that the US ceased its involvement in the Vietnam War.
2. Cold War Prestige - The U.S. government considered it vital that the U.S. win the space race with the USSR. Going to the Moon, if it was possible, would have been risky and expensive. It would have been much easier to fake the landing, thereby ensuring success.
3. Money - NASA raised approximately 30 billion dollars pretending to go to the moon. This could have been used to pay off a large number of people, providing significant motivation for complicity. In variations of this theory, the space industry is characterized as a political economy, much like the military industrial complex, creating fertile ground for its own survival.
4. Risk - The available technology at the time was such that there was a good chance that the landing might fail if genuinely attempted.

The Soviets, with their own competing moon program and an intense economic and political and military rivalry with the USA, could be expected to have cried foul if the USA tried to fake a Moon landing. Theorist Ralph Rene responds that shortly after the alleged Moon landings, the USA silently started shipping hundreds of thousands of tons of grain as humanitarian aid to the allegedly starving USSR. He views this as evidence of a cover-up, the grain being the price of silence. (The Soviet Union in fact had its own Moon program).

Proponents of the Apollo hoax suggest that the Soviet Union, and latterly Russia, and the United States were allied in the exploration of space, during the Cold war and after. The United States and the former Soviet Union today routinely engage in cooperative space ventures, as do many other nations that are popularly believed to be enemies. However, this suggestion is challenged by the impression of intense international competition that was under way during the Cold War and is not supported by the accounts of participants on either side of the Iron Curtain. Many argue that the fact that the Soviet Union and other Communist bloc countries, eager to discredit the United States, have not produced any contrary evidence to be the single most significant argument against such a hoax. Soviet involvement might also implausibly multiply the scale of the conspiracy, to include hundreds of thousands of conspirators of uncertain loyalty.

Video: Part 2 18.6MB

Nasa pulls Moon hoax book

US Plans New Moon Landing In 2018
(Fool me once, shame on YOU!...Fool me twice shame on ME!)

NASA's $104-billion plan to revive manned lunar missions is seen as a step toward Mars trip.
By Peter Pae
NASA unveiled a 13-year, $104-billion blueprint Monday for sending humans back to the moon as early as 2018, using a modified space shuttle rocket to propel an Apollo-like capsule into space.

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