Exactly who financed the American ³revolution²?
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Iraq War, Oil, Money & Iran Propaganda


Sir Lyell 2JUL06 2 pages in Courier 12 font
To: The Rt Hon Sir Nicholas Lyell QC MP attorney general of the United Kingdom (including the American Colonies) 9 Buckingham Gate London SW1E 6JP England:

Dear Sir Lyell:

I looked up ³Treaty of Paris of 1783² on the internet, and am confused. I do not see where the Colonies are disestablished or abolished. Article V states that debts remain valid.

But if the DEBTS remain valid, then the CONTRACTS remain valid, don¹t they?

Exactly who financed the American ³revolution²?

In National Geographic July 1975 page 114, we see the name of the ³playwright-financier² who funneled funds to the rebel¹s ³ambassador² in Paris, traitor Benjamin Franklin. From where did Caron de Beaumarchais get the gold to finance the ³revolution²?

On page 113, we see, ³France¹s brilliant foreign minister² gleefully helped smuggle munitions to the American rebels. ³Brilliant?² Who hired and armed the ³mob² that ³stormed the Bastille² and ignited the FRENCH ³revolution²?

Had the Count de Verginnes really been ³brilliant², first, he would have had nothing to do with rebels.

Second, KNOWING that ³Rothschild & Friends² (I suppose) were instigating and financing the AMERICAN ³revolution², WHY COULDN¹T HE EXTRAPOLATE and predict the FRENCH ³revolution²?

Where did Lenin get the gold to hire a private army and seize the Duma? Where did Hitler get the money to hire a private army to seize the Bundestag? Do you understand the banks in the geographic United States do not pay taxes, even on the money they create out of thin air? How is that? How do you buy a country?

In ³The American Constitution² 2nd ed. p.95 Kelly & Harbison acknowledge that the ³Constitutions² of the various ³States² were imposed; because put to a vote the rebels ³might have² lost.

In Encyclopedia Britannica, see ³United States of America², ³A COUNTRY², NOT a republic, union, or federation. Tell me, can ³a country² open a bank account, or write and cash checks?

You are a, how you say, ³solicitor², right?

If I write a check payable to ³The United States of America², can anyone ³negotiate² or cash the instruments?

Suppose I write a check payable to the ³United States Treasury² or Infernal return Service (so to speak). Can I sue for breach of contract any banker who ³launders² it?

In re the ³articles of incorporation² or Constitution of the fake UNION of fictitious American ³States² aka U.S.A.:

³Congress shall have Power to (only) make (not enforce) laws²
Does the ³board of directors² or Congress of the fake UNION of fictitious American States have the legal Capacity to ³make laws² or OTHER CONTRACTS?
Where is any provision for any ³Union Office² or Officer competent to enforce the provisions of the ³Constitution²?
People believe there exists a ³FEDERAL GOVERNMENT².
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See: ³United States Code². Is THAT ³federal law²?
Is the United States Code intended to IMPLEMENT the PROVISIONS of the Constitution? Is it enforceable?
See 1USC204: A ³citation of positive law² in the text is declared evidence of the laws (contracts) and responsibility of Congress. Where is ANY citation of law in any text?

³US v Mersky² 361US431 1960 recognizes a basic dichotomy: The PROVISIONS of law are not self-executing.
Where are any official Executive Orders implementing the PROVISIONS of any law made by Congress?

Are our RULES OF EVIDENCE the same as yours?

How about Article IX, AUTHENTICATION by Official seal or Corporate seal? Where is any provision for President Bush or any other fascist stooge to have an Official Seal?

Isn¹t President Bush falsely personating a United States officer or employee under Title 18 US Code ³Crimes² section 912?

Paid with loot extorted from The People, how does he ³launder² his paycheck? Et tu Brutu?

See Title 12 US Code Banks and Banking section 531:
Federal reserve banks are exempt from all taxes except the land tax, why is that?

I have a question about ³american² currency, specifically, what constitutes a Note. Isn¹t a note a written promise to pay some thing of intrinsic value, such as gold or silver, or salt?

Isn¹t a CORPORATE Note supposed to be signed either by the President of the corporate entity, OR both a Vice President and the Treasurer? And aren¹t all instruments supposed to be AUTHENT-ICATED by Seal, and probably given a date and serial number?

Well, Sir Lyell, I am sending to you what purports to be a ³Federal Reserve Note². Is a caption to be given any legal effect?

First, is it an instrument?
Is it a LIABILITY of a legal ³Person² or entity? Whose?
Is the supposed liability a thing of intrinsic value?

See Title 5 US Code ³(unidentified) GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION²

Is this the ³federal government organisation²?

Why are there no sections 1-100? Where is the charter? Where is the Organic Act which provides for the creation of such Organisation? Where is the enforcement clause? Precisely WHO is subject, bound, and LIABLE TO its Provisions? ³Union members²?

Where is any ³Department² created? Where is any Office of Department Director created? Or impeachment? Or Seal of Office?

See Title 4 US Code §1 ³Flag and Seal, Seat of Government, and the States². Disregard ³48 stars², unless flags have unions. See text: ³The flag of the United States shall have thirteen white stars in a field (canton) of blue.²

Do those 13 stars represent the original 13 Colonies? What do they represent?

Where is any provision of law for a ³corporate Seal² of the Union or USA? Or seat of government? Do the States legally exist?

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