Reprimand Your Government... You can do it!
Mon Jun 26, 2006 01:58

Reprimand Your Government... You can do it!

Many of us feel betrayed, duped, conned. Many of us are extremely angry. Many of us feel hopeless. Many of us are very afraid. But many more of us refuse to give in into the negative feelings which threaten to paralyze us; we refuse to give up the dream that once again our beloved America will rise against injustice, overcome adversity, and triumph. Let's talk about it...
Saturday, June 24, 2006
Citizens Reprimand to ALL United States Elected Officials

To: All United States Elected Officials: Federal, State, County & Local U. S. Governments

Re: Citizens Reprimand to ALL United States Elected Officials

Elected Officials at all levels of government:

There are among you sincerely caring individuals who are trying to uphold the highest American values and loftiest human principles, but there are also far too many of you whose sole agenda is to cover your assets and profit from the darkness and madness that have besieged our nation since September 11, 2001. To the former we say thank you but you must try harder. To the latter we direct this important reprimand with full force, and with the clear intention of recording for posterity the sentiments of profound concern which have united the great majority of the American people in the early part of the 21st Century. Let it never be written in our history books that ordinary Americans did not care about their own people, let alone the rest of the world; we care very deeply, heart and soul!

More than half of the American population can see what’s going on at home and abroad, much of which is the result of your wrongdoing, lack of care, and/or indifference. We are outraged beyond words! Thanks to the Information Age, we now know that our country is in great trouble, and that the same holds true for the rest of the world. We now know that we have been led in the wrong direction by past and present government administrations, and that many of our trusted Elected Officials have purposely lied to us. Many of us feel betrayed, duped, conned. Many of us are extremely angry. Many of us feel hopeless. Many of us are very afraid. But many more of us refuse to give in into the negative feelings which threaten to paralyze us; we refuse to give up the dream that once again our beloved America will rise against injustice, overcome adversity, and triumph.

Although our awakening voices are as diverse and unique as snowflakes, and although the people’s social movements are still scattered all over the global landscape like sheep without a Shepherd, the deeper sentiments that unite us all in thought and spirit are One and the Same. The terrible state of our nation and the world today is totally unacceptable to any decent human being. The time has come for the ordinary people to hold our leaders accountable for their wrongdoings and to help fix the mess our country and our world have become. This is what the great majority of the noble American people feel today.

Elected Officials at all levels of government: You work for us, we are your Employer, you are our public servants, and from this day onward we will earnestly hold you accountable for the evolving state of our nation and the world. Those of you who can prove your leadership skills and good intentions towards America and the whole of humanity will be properly rewarded; regarded throughout history as the Greatest American Leaders. Those of you who lie, deceive, or otherwise impede the peaceful and creative progress of our nation will be justly punished, fired, and written off as the worst leaders ever. To achieve this kind of government accountability, we will enlist the help of all the caring Americans who are not afraid to take a stand against government wrongdoing. No more will we be hypnotized and put to sleep by Media propaganda and commercial illusions. We are now awakened, vigilant of your actions, and ready to publicly reprimand you when you step out of line.

We have valid reasons to publicly reprimand you today. The list of government wrongdoing, for which you are responsible directly or indirectly, or on a moral level, is much too long and painful to be included in this letter; but it all can be summarized in just a few words which you must never forget:

By way of your wrong actions, you have sold the future of America to the highest bidders; in so doing, YOU have hurt US all!

No one likes a reprimand. But, like misbehaving children gone out of parental control, our public servants must be watched and called to attention when they break our governing rules and start acting like they are “the rulers”. We the people are the rulers of our destiny. You, Elected Officials who have violated the Oath of Public Service, you have more than misbehaved and broken our rules: you are responsible for the greatest failures of our government!

There is no way to point out in brief words the countless harms you have caused us all with your wrong actions, but one can take a quick look at the Big Picture and see the magnitude of the damage done.

Many of you were warned of potential terrorist attacks, but did little or nothing to prevent 9/11.

Many of you knew there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but did little or nothing to prevent the illegal war on Iraq.

Many of you were warned about the defective New Orleans levees, but did little or nothing to fix them, or to evacuate all the people on time before Katrina came.

Many of you understood that electronic voting machines without paper trail were a huge threat to our democracy, but did little or nothing to secure, protect, and defend our voting rights.

Many of you knew about our broken borders and our inability to enforce immigration laws, but did little or nothing to prevent the unfortunate problem of illegal immigration which is now breeding hate and further dividing the American people.

Many of you understood the assumptions of corporate globalization, but did little or nothing to stop the Big Corporations from depleting our earth’s natural resources, putting our environment at urgent risk, and manipulating almost every aspect of our lives.

Many of you understood the ramifications of Neocon ideologies, the Patriot Act, and government spying on Americans, but you did little or nothing to spare us the threats of Absolute Power.

Many of you today fully understand the great urgency of our times, but you are still doing little or nothing to save The Future.

Elected Officials at all levels of government: Can you see what you have done wrong? By the get-ahead-at-all-cost games you play in your individual political careers; by the masks you wear to look good in the eyes of your bosses and the Media; by the hypocritical roles you play just to fit in and get along with the opposition; by your inability to take principled positions on the issues that concern the working and poor people; by your incompetence in times of crisis; by the self-serving decisions you have made in our names without even caring about our real needs; by these and so many other ways you have failed us all. By hook or by crook, on purpose or by accident, you have given in to undue influences; you have carelessly put the future of Humanity in the hands of rich and powerful individuals who clearly lack the wisdom to lead the ordinary people in the right direction. There can be no greater failure.

The sad truth is, there are not enough numbers to count the many ways in which you have failed to love America and the American people. Today, as a result of your bad decisions, we are working harder than ever for longer hours and less money, and suffering hardships we could not have imagined six years ago. Here we are, living in the New Dark Age of Terror, fearful of our own dark shadows around the globe, and seriously worried that we are becoming a Third World country; yes, like those we are trying to “save” at gunpoint. What hypocrisy! Is this the kind of world our children deserve? Who will save US? We are in such a big mess! All our systems of governance are broken, many of you have betrayed our trust, and our Democracy is in great jeopardy. Is this what you intended when you voted for “this” or “that”? What could possibly be worse, a full-blown Police State, the official announcement of World War III, and Global Warming? Well, millions of us think that this is already happening, and we would love to be proven 100% wrong. But of course, in this too you have failed us; you have kept all the important truths hidden from us. Perhaps you think we can’t handle the truth? We can and will handle all the inconvenient truths, for we know that we have no wiser choice.

So now what? How do we get back on track? What do we do with those of you who have so miserably failed us? Of course we must fire you, as employers fire their bad employees. And, what do we do with those of you who still have a chance to do what is right and just? Of course we must retrain you. In all fairness, we can understand that the job of leading a world with over 6 billion hungry people, who no doubt would eat one another if the planet stopped growing food, cannot be easy. Yes, it is an awesome job that should only be entrusted to the wisest leaders on earth. But there is something that you must fully understand: there are not many wise leaders in top positions in America and the world today. This awesome job is in the hands of those of you who have not yet fallen under the spell of wealth and power; you must quickly learn to act wisely and rise to the top!

Wake up! There is still time to turn back the hands of our global destiny from wrong to right. We cannot continue to be the bullies of the globe. We cannot encourage democracy and the spirit of freedom worldwide at gunpoint or by financial threats. We must take the higher path. As a Role Model for the Free World, it is America’s social responsibility and moral obligation to lead the world towards the creation of a safer, healthier, peaceful, more just and prosperous future. This, and only this, can be an acceptable vision of Manifest Destiny; not the ruthless vision of Empire and endless war with endless debt that some selfish world leaders have put in your minds. Wake up, while there is still time!

Elected Officials at all levels of government: Let us remind each of you again, for this must never be forgotten, that you live in a Republic, born in the blood of patriots, in which all-political powers rest with the people. You hold your respective offices only as Trustees for us. The gallant Founding Fathers of this Nation did not fight a valiant struggle for eight and one half years against Imperialism for our generation to waste its inheritance by putting up with government officials who fail their fiduciary responsibilities. As Public Servants, your highest calling should always be, as the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution underscores: "to establish justice”; “to secure the blessings of liberty“; and “to promote the general welfare” of the country and its people. Each of you must also be reminded that you have taken a solemn oath of office to uphold the Constitution and the laws of our Republic. Anything less than your full compliance with your expressed, and implied, official duties will no longer be tolerated by the people.

Your position of power is not given to you just so you could have photo-ops with the higher-ups, boast of prestige among friends, or go shooting innocent ducks, quails, or human beings who perchance get in your way. It is not given to you so you could hire halo-makers and play God with our lives! We expect you to work in honorable service of the American people and be humbled by such honor. Your job is not an opportunity for you to grow rich and powerful; it is a call to serve the American people and also, by virtue of America’s leadership role in the world, to serve the whole of Humanity. There can be no greater calling, for in serving Humanity you are truly serving God.

This reprimand must end with a stern warning: We the American people are known to be tolerant and forgiving, but there are some things we will neither tolerate nor forgive. Treason is one, ripping us off is another, any crime against humanity is another; there are many, many more. Please do not become guilty of treason, theft, crimes against humanity, or anything that might endanger or disgrace our beloved Nation. Please do your jobs with respect for all the people. Please earn your pay with honesty and integrity. Please give us a day’s work with genuine concern for our welfare. Please do what is right and just for the people. Do not make us feel ashamed of our Homeland, and help us go about the business of restoration; for there is much that needs to be repaired in our country and the world.

Please don’t tell us you don’t know where to begin; just roll up your sleeves and DO IT!

And, if you cannot lead us in the right direction, if you no longer want to make the sacrifice, if you are afraid of the responsibility or, worse, if you are afraid of your “bosses”; then, please hand in your resignation and let the courageous souls who can lead with wisdom do the right job right once and for all. We have neither time nor money to waste on pipe-dreams. Enough is enough!

Please remember: The eyes of the world are watching America.


Verna E. Yakushchenko & Miriam Andujar

cc: All American Citizens and the Whole World

Note: The idea of reprimanding Elected Officials originated in the beautiful mind of my friend Verna, out of frustration with government wrongdoing and the sad state of our Nation and world, sentiments I share. My task, then, became to reflect her vision in simple words without anger or fear; for anger adversely affects clear thinking… and, as another good friend of mine says, what’s the point of being afraid when the worst-that-can-be has already begun. Please write a Reprimand Letter or copy ours, add your name, mail it to your elected officials, reprint, repost, Blog, and link to us. Please don’t assume a hopeless stance—do your part. May America be reborn! Thank you! –Miriam

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