Congressman Tom Tancredo
"In Mortal Danger: The Battle for America's Border ..
Tue Jun 27, 2006 21:28

"In Mortal Danger: The Battle for America's Border ..

Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., has launched into a major media blitz promoting his just-released blockbuster book, "In Mortal Danger: The Battle for America's Border ...
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Tancredo launches media blitz
See 'In Mortal Danger' author on Fox, CNN, MSNBC today
Posted: June 27, 2006
2:11 p.m. Eastern


Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo.

The nation's undisputed heavyweight champion of the border security issue in the nation's capital, Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., has launched into a major media blitz promoting his just-released blockbuster book, "In Mortal Danger: The Battle for America's Border and Security."

After leading off with a powerful interview on Fox News' "Hannity & Colmes" last night – which propelled "In Mortal Danger" from No. 7,311 on's best-seller list to its current overall ranking as No. 53, as well as No. 13 on the Nonfiction chart, and No. 2 on the Current Events list – today Tancredo is scheduled to appear on:

* Fox News' "Your World with Neil Cavuto" at 4:30 p.m. Eastern;
* CNN's Lou Dobbs at 6:30 p.m. Eastern; and
* MSNBC's "The Situation with Tucker Carlson" at 8:15 p.m. Eastern.

Tomorrow, he's scheduled to appear on Fox News' popular "Dayside" show at 1 p.m. Eastern. In addition, he's scheduled for dozens of major radio interviews, including Laura Ingraham, Alan Colmes, Lars Larson, G. Gordon Liddy, Jim Bohannon, Michael Reagan, Tammy Bruce, Janet Parshall and many others.

Tancredo is the chairman of the House Immigration Reform Caucus. In his new book, published by WND Books, Tancredo warns that America is on a course to the dustbin of history. Like the great and mighty empires of the past, he writes, superpowers that once stretched from horizon to horizon, America is heading down the road to ruin.

English historian Edward Gibbon, in penning his classic "The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" (ironically published in the year America's Founding Fathers declared independence from Great Britain), theorized that Rome fell because it rotted from within. It succumbed to barbarian invasions because of a loss of civic virtue, its citizens became lazy and soft, hiring barbarian mercenaries to defend the empire because they were unwilling to defend it themselves.

Tancredo says America is following in the tragic footsteps of Rome.

Living up to his reputation for candor, Tancredo explains how the economic success and historical military prowess of the United States has transformed a nation founded on Judeo-Christian principles of right and wrong into an overindulgent, self-deprecating, immoral cesspool of depravity.

His recipe for turning things around?

Without strong, moral leadership, without a renewed sense of purpose, without a rededication to family and community, without shunning the race hustlers and pop-culture sham artists, without protecting borders, language and culture, the nation that once was "the land of the free and home of the brave" and the "one last best hope of mankind" will repeat the catastrophic mistakes of the past, he writes.

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Congressman Tom Tancredo
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Congressman Tom Tancredo
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Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo has written a new book, "In Mortal Danger," on the crisis America is facing over its broken borders. He joins us.

Plus, three of the nation's leading radio hosts tell us what they're hearing from their listeners

John Hawkins: Do you think offering amnesty to illegal aliens currently in the United States would cause an explosion in the number of illegals coming to our country?

Tom Tancredo: Only if you believe that rewarding illegal behavior will increase illegal behavior, and of course it will. It has happened before, it's completely predictable. If you tell people they will be benefit from coming into the United States illegally, not by waiting in line like everybody else, they will come. And why would they not?

Of course, it's a terrible idea. It will not only encourage illegal immigration, but it will tell every single person who has done it the right way, who has waited in line, who has paid the fees, who has hired the lawyers, who has spent five or ten years trying to come in, it's telling them they're nothing but suckers. It's telling everyone else who's waiting in line to do it the right way that they're also suckers.

John Hawkins: Just out of curiosity, how many people are waiting in line in Mexico? I've heard it's a pretty substantial number.

Tom Tancredo: It's hard to say, but across the world there are literally millions -- maybe 20 or 30 million that are in the pipeline.

John Hawkins: It's terrible for them to have to wait while other people are sneaking in illegally. For our readers who aren't familiar with it, what is the Matricula Consular and what is the issue that you have with it?


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