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Senators Accuse Bush of Ignoring Constitution
Tue Jun 27, 2006 21:51

Senators Accuse Bush of Ignoring Constitution
Senators criticized today President Bush's frequent use of special statements that claim authority to limit the effects of bills he signs. "It's a challenge to the plain language of the Constitution," said Arlen Specter, a Republican whose Senate Judiciary Committee opened hearings on the issue.

Senate Begins Debate on Flag Burning
Debate began in earnest today in the United States Senate on a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow Congress to adopt legislation prohibiting burning or otherwise desecrating the national flag. The legislation would override a court decision 17 years ago that said flag burning was an expression of free speech and invalidated the flag desecration laws in 48 states.

Israeli Planes Attack Bridge in Gaza
Israeli planes attacked a bridge in central Gaza late Tuesday, Israel Radio reported. Israeli military officials said a limited operation has been authorized for southern Gaza, aimed at "terrorist infrastructure." The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to reporters. Israel has been massing troops and armor around Gaza since Sunday, when Palestinian militants tunneled under the border and attacked an Israeli army post at a Gaza crossing, killing two soldiers and abducting a third.

CO2 Is Creating Acid Seas
"The oceans are inexorably becoming corrosive. Unknown to the greater public, this process - due to the increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions - will have considerable impact," writes Stephane Foucart. "[This] is all the more worrying in that the affected flora and fauna constitute the first links in the marine food chain."

Energy Literacy - What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
With gas prices rising at the same time that we start to feel global warming's first effects, it will be crucial to the world's future that Americans, who use the most energy and create the most pollution, make smart decisions about energy. But surveys show that most Americans don't know much about energy. This article provides some of the basics.

Asia Shows Solar Power Is Not Just for the Rich
Solar power does not require steep subsidies to be able to push aside environment-polluting fossil fuels. In Bangladesh, where more than two out of three households cannot get electricity out of a socket, some 80,000 homes now own a basic solar panel that generates about 50 watts of power.

Americans Can No Longer Rely on FDA to Ensure Safety of Food and Drugs
A 15-month inquiry by a top House Democrat has found that enforcement of the nation's food and drug laws declined sharply during the first five years of the Bush administration. The investigation found that the number of warning letters the Food and Drug Administration issued to drug companies, medical device makers, and others dropped 54 percent, from 1,154 in 2000 to 535 in 2005.

47,600 Take Offers to Leave GM, Delphi
About 47,600 workers accepted buyout offers from General Motors and Delphi, the largest offers of their kind in US corporate history. Robert Bruno, a labor and industrial affairs professor at the University of Illinois, said the buyout program will wipe out a big chunk of consumer-buying capacity in the US economy and put more pressure on the American middle class.

Pine Ridge Leader Faces Battle Over Abortion Ban
The South Dakota abortion ban inspired Cecelia Fire Thunder, president of the Oglala Sioux Nation, to call for a clinic to be built on the reservation. It is, she says, the start of a quiet revolution. She now faces impeachment as a backlash of tribal members is organized against her.

First Time Out, Kuwaiti Women Become a Political Force
They came, young and old, rich and poor, eager to hear the latest stump speech. One thing set them apart from the voters who attended political rallies in the past - almost all were women. "Women suddenly have more value in this society," said Lulua Abdullah al-Omari, who sat in the front row and was eager to talk politics.

AWOL: GI War Resistance in Canada
A Report by Geoffrey Millard and Sari Gelzer
The Department of Defense has recently reported that 8,000 members of the US military are listed as AWOL. Currently 24 war resisters are known to be in Canada trying to establish citizenship, with an estimated several hundred more living there underground. Truthout's Sari Gelzer and Geoffrey Millard report from Buffalo, New York, and Fort Erie, Ontario, to bring you coverage of Peace Has No Borders, an event that brought US attention to political refugees in Canada. Geoffrey Millard interviews war resisters about their decision to refuse deployment to Iraq and seek asylum in Canada.

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6/27/06 - CNN LOU DOBBS

Do you believe that e-voting machines should be disallowed until their integrity can be assured?

Lou had a very comprehensive report on E-voting and it's worse than I thought.
Maybe one of his staff got my complaint on voter rights or great minds think alike?

Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo has written a new book, "In Mortal Danger," on the crisis America is facing over its broken borders. He joins us.

Plus, three of the nation's leading radio hosts tell us what they're hearing from their listeners


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6/27/06 - "The Charles Goyette Show" --- MSNBC CLIPS

PART II "The Charles Goyette Show" Discussion Flag Burning..
which failed the Senate today by one vote!


White House press secretary learns The Charles Goyette Show returns on Monday! ... I had been discussing the Novak/Plame column on The Charles Goyette Show ...


Dobbs: Congress stiffs working Americans

Without much fanfare, the House of Representatives last week voted to give members of Congress yet another pay raise, as it has done almost every year for nearly a decade.


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