Action Alert: No on Flag Amendment, Yes to Constitution!
Tue Jun 27, 2006 18:14

You must call your Senators (both of them) now!

The proposal to amend the Constitution against flag "desecration" is a ruse for tyranny. Tyrants would have you bow to Crowns, flag, scepters, and symbols, while they tread upon the covenant and contract between government and people. ANYONE WHO WOULD SUBSTITUTE SYMBOLS FOR THE CONSTITUTION IS FOOLISHLY MAKING CRIMINALS OF THOSE WHO WOULD OPPOSE A TYRANNICAL, CONSTITUTION-BREAKING GOVERNMENT. Remember King George's "Union Jack"? Did not English Americans fight against that flag, once it became the symbol of not the constitutional-monarchy it once represented, but one that claimed to rule the colonies "in all things whatsoever"?

Every President, Congressmen, military, et al, swear to uphold the Constitution, not bow to any pretender who waves the flag, and thereby demands full subservient, unquestioning obedience. ALLEGIANCE TO THE CONSTITUTION IS WHAT SHOULD BE UPHELD, NOT BOWING AND WORSHIPPING THE SYMBOL THAT REPRESENTS A CORRUPT GOVERNMENT, AS IF IT WERE HOLY. It creates State idolatry, while permitting the Constitution to be shredded and burned, as it were, by the Executive or Congressional powers, who pass anti-constitutional legislation, contrary to their oaths of office!

Do not be fooled by flag-waving hypocrisy, while permitting the Constitution to be violated without penalty by those in government who swear to uphold it, but do not, while whoever does not respect the new "Union Jack" of the new King George are treated as criminals. RESTORE STRICT CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT AND LAWS, AND THE FLAG WILL BE RESPECTED. IGNORE THE CONSTITUTION, AND IT BECOMES A USURPERS FLAG, NOT THAT OF THE LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT.

Call now, tell your Senators and tell them to REJECT THE FLAG AMENDMENT. Honor the Constitution, and the flag will be respected again.

Senate rejects flag burning ban
Wed Jun 28, 2006 06:28


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