Bruce Springsteen:
"Bring 'Em Home, Bring 'Em Home"
Wed Jun 28, 2006 16:41

Bruce Springsteen: "Bring 'Em Home, Bring 'Em Home"

Bruce Springsteen sings "Bring 'Em Home, Bring 'Em Home" on NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien. The song is part of Springsteen's new album "We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions". The song is based on Seeger's Vietnam-era ballad "Bring 'Em Home".


AWOL: GI War Resistance in Canada
A Report by Geoffrey Millard and Sari Gelzer

The Department of Defense has recently reported that 8,000 members of the US military are listed as AWOL. Currently 24 war resisters are known to be in Canada trying to establish citizenship, with an estimated several hundred more living there underground. Truthout's Sari Gelzer and Geoffrey Millard report from Buffalo, New York, and Fort Erie, Ontario, to bring you coverage of Peace Has No Borders, an event that brought US attention to political refugees in Canada. Geoffrey Millard interviews war resisters about their decision to refuse deployment to Iraq and seek asylum in Canada.


Caught in the Crossfire
The Untold Story of Fallujah
A Film by Mark Manning

Independent filmmaker Mark Manning was the only Westerner to travel to Fallujah un-embedded, and he lived with the refugees of Fallujah and experienced life from their point of view, returning with them to their destroyed city after the siege by the United States. Unknown to any authorities, he recorded what he saw. He went through the checkpoints, witnessed the devastation of thousands of homes, shops and mosques, and documented the horrors of the siege as recounted by those who survived inside the city during the battles. The people of Fallujah asked him to tell their story to the world, and he is now fulfilling that request with the release of Caught in the Crossfire.

Shot from November 2004 to April 2005 inside the city of Fallujah, Caught in the Crossfire details the conditions experienced by civilians as they endured the violent clashes and consequences of Operation Phantom Fury and became refugees outside the eyes and care of the international community.
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Refuseniks from around the world speak out against murder, rape & other torture
Presentation and screening of the film produced by Payday followed by a discussion.

Casa delle culture
via S. Crisogono, 45 (Trastevere)
Roma, Italia
July 6, 6:30pm

Speakers include:
Giorgio Riva - Payday, UK
Philip Rushton - author of the book "Riportiamoli a casa: Il dissenso militare nelle forze armate statunitensi"
Paola Gasparoli - Un ponte per...

presented by U.S. Citizens for Peace & Justice, Rome

(Film in English with Italian subtitles)

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