EM bio-weapons more an illusion than a reality..

EM bio-weapons more an illusion than a reality..
Mon Jul 4, 2005 18:20

Sure ..

.. you can microwave people just like a side of beef but when you try to "READ MINDS" or "IMPLANT THOUGHTS" that a different kettle of fish.

Whilst those out to obtain funding in this field are always going to overstate the case. groups trying to protect people should keep to the FACTS.


There is NO general, specific or other theory of INTELLIGENT brain function YET let alone a method to EAVESDROP on or MANIPULATE such a brain function.


The best EM measurements we can make are from electrodes implanted on or in the CRANIUM and topographic techniques (head/whole body scanners).

These at BEST give some idea of BRAIN activity level and location but DO NOT give any insight into what, in specific terms, is being THOUGHT let alone provide a method to interpret the ACTUAL WORDS of pre-uttered speech or to implant such thoughts using EM.

I applaud anyone who is seriously documenting the progress of this type of weaponry and those lobbying for controls on its use.

My concern is for the following..

Today there is FAR more invasion of personal privacy, secret stalking and harassment being carried out by PRIVATE citizen groups. There are large slush funds out there funding this stuff. And we need laws to apprehend and protect us from these people ALREADY, FAR MORE IMMEDIATELY than we new laws to protect us from some fanciful futuristic weaponry!

We have a RIGHT to LIFE, LIBERTY AND JUSTICE unrestricted by PRIVATE citizen groups ACTING for, and funded by, VERY powerful global organizations.

Please KEEP your priorities in STRICT order of RISK to OUR democracy .. I find EM weaponry is currently a RISK level not far short of being overheard talking softly in a crowded and rowdy bar just before closing time.

Of course, if a MASER is pointed at you, and the trigger is pulled, then your chips are up! So to speak.


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