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There are several sources that reveal obscure information on JFK's assassination. One source is HIGH TREASON by John Groden (including a digital analysis of the police open mike recording given before the Warren rehearing commission to locate the source of gun shots---not from the book depository). Another source is PLAUSIBLE DENIAL by Mark Lane (a federal jury that brought back the result a CIA memo of the action preceded the event and included testimony from a member of the CIA hit team), and also ACT OF TREASON by Mark North (the involvement of the FBI in the cover-up). REGICIDE by Gregory Douglas includes an eight month log of CIA/FBI/JCS conferences and planning for the event, under the pretext that JFK was committing treason by giving secret information to the USSR. The book is allegedly based upon CIA documents released by a dying CIA Director of Clandestine Operations. [A cautious reader would investigate whether the book is fiction or non-fiction. The alleged use of European's as high-priced hit men is not consistent with CIA practice or other writings.]

E.Howard Hunt's son recently made public statements that his dying father detailed CIA involvement in the killing.

There was an item on the internet by a reporter who claimed to be in the basement of the Dallas police building when Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald. He claimed that no blood was found on the floor. Strange. The Chief of Police of Dallas was the brother of a general who was terminated from the CIA because of JFK reduced funding. Strange. It has also been stated that the assistant Dallas police chief, after being responsible for the safety of both JFK and LHO, was promoted to Chief of Police. Weird.

This is the same CIA that has been connected with the trafficking of drugs within the U.S. by Gary Webb in DARK ALLIANCES, Terry Reed in COMPROMISED, Rodney Stich in DRUGGING AMERICA, Jonathan Kwitney in ENDLESS ENEMIES, Al Martin in CONSPIRATORS: SECRETS OF AN IRAN-CONTRA INSIDER including special mention of Robert Gates, WHITEOUT by Alex Cockburn, Alfred W. McCoy, in "The Politics of Heroin: The CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade.", Michael Collins Piper in THE FINAL JUDGMENT. The practice includes the use of military aircraft and facilities. The Crimes Of Patriots: A True Tale Of Dope, Dirty Money & The CIA by Jonathan Kwitney includes the CIA’s ownership of the Nugent Hand Bank and the strange death of the owner. Perhaps an individual would want to hear Janet Reno acknowledge the practice at while link gives a time line for CIA involvement in drug trafficking from 1947,

The CIA's support for death squads throughout the world is documented in Deadly Deceits, the memoirs of an ex-CIA operative, by Ralph McGehee. Ref. The CIA’s School of the Americans has recently come under attack for teaching torture. The Cia’s practice of kidnapping individuals in foreign nations and transporting them to third party nations for torture (rendition) is a current issue before congress.

The CIA has consistently informed congressional committees that their operation is not hampered by legal restrictions. Terry Reed and others detail thefts of yachts, airplanes, automobiles and anything they want and have insurance companies write it off.

A lengthy history of CIA involvement in the overthrow of foreign governments is on the internet at numerous places. Steve Kangas' lengthy tabulation is linked at Ref. also KILLING HOPE by William Blum. ; In Search of Enemies: A CIA Story by John Stockwell ; Inevitable Revolutions: The United States in Central America by Walter Lafeber

A Google search of CIA's involvement in the HUD and the savings and loan scandals will produce many hits such as . The CIA’s BBRD&W Hawaiian bank scandal staring CIA agent Ron Rewald was connected with many wet operations. Ref. DISAVOW; A CIA SAGA OF BETRAYAL by Rodney Stich;,deadly,1991,10,27,04,pt3.htm The Mafia, CIA & George Bush by Pete Brewton is only one of many books that detail the CIA and Bush's raiding of the financial institutes of more than a trillion dollars.

Whatever else we may conclude from the Watergate escapade, we must accept the fact that it was preformed by individuals that have been conclusively connected with the CIA.

We could speculate on much more. The Bay of Pigs operation was a CIA action started under President Eisenhower. The public is adamantly informed JFK called off the air cover that doomed the invasion. Fletcher Prouty informs us JFK authorized the cover and it was countermanded by the CIA. Ref. JFK, the CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate JFK by Prouty. Did the CIA sabotage their own para-military action and placed the blame on JFK that resulted in JFK declaring he was going to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces ??? Was JFK's intent to discontinue the CIA's Vietnam drug action a factor ???

The U-2 was also a CIA operation. The public is informed President Eisenhower authorized two unprecedented trans-USSR flights just two weeks before the Paris Peace talks with Khrushchev. Even K could not swallow that. Ike authorized the flights after having grounded all flights for six months to prevent offending Khrushchev?? Really ?? Ike really believed he could negotiate a peace with Khrushchev but that was anathema for the military-industrial complex. The evidence Power's was shot down is highly questionable. The U-2, with no fuel gauges, depended upon hydrogen to ignite the special JP-7 fuel. The theory that the hydrogen fuel was not filled, by a CIA replacement ground crew before takeoff, concludes the flight may have been sabotaged. Ref. DEFRAUDING AMERICA by Fletcher Prouty,

The OCTOBER SURPRISE (by Barbara Honegger) operation raises more interesting questions. How was an ex-CIA director (who became president) and the head of the Republican National Party (who became head of the CIA) able to negotiate with Iranians and to guarantee billions of dollars in aid if the Iranians would hold U.S. hostages until after the presidential elections in the U.S. to defeat President Jimmie Carter ?? And to use a secret CIA Blackbird aircraft for transportation from Paris to conceal the meeting ??? Carter was the president who had the audacity to terminate a large number of CIA employees who then campaigned against him. Maybe the president does not run the country.

Does anyone really believe CIA agent Ed Wilson could purchase and air-lift 20 tons of C-2 explosive (the entire stock in the U.S.) to Libya, with technicians who taught them how to use it, without it being a CIA operation ??

There are sources on the internet that claim the CIA is the agency responsible for the WTC destruction. One source claims the active director of the CIA and a past director were the largest handlers of tens of millions of dollars of short sells of airline stocks through their two Wall Street investment firms. But then again, how many other organizations has the where-with-all to organize such an operation and plant explosives, gag New York police and firemen, order the Air Force to stand down, have the FBI confiscate surveillance videos, control demolition removal to avoid investigation, control damage reports by commissions, obtain compliance from commercial airlines, slant all media coverage, etc. ??

Maybe the CIA has too much money.


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