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watch the 5 parts first it will help you spot the animation in the MSM media archives.

this is discovery not a theory you lived in NY you know where the buildings are supposed to be, and the bridge OMG if that isn't a clue. take time to digest this.
watch the floating bridge in this one turn down the sound so it doesn't distract you, pay attention to the animation and when the put up their banner too. the building stays the same and the back ground moves this is just one there are many others.
make sure you back up these donno how long they will be there.

My thoughts are, they army psyops that did this or who ever. wanted it known. they did such a poor job.
now if it was army psops I bet they got sent to Iraq and were killed by friendly fire. no witnesses.

Lying With Pixels flash back

A 1994 National Security Council white paper pondered the role of the
media in national security. The paper is written from the perspective
of helping a president to achieve his foreign policy objectives, but
it discusses TV fakery and the fact that the general public is unaware
that the news is doctored.

fix the links if they get broken. take care

and BTW make sure you remember newtons 3rd law of motion... that is a must when watching 911 videos

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