Vote for Hillary Clinton in 2008!
Mon Jun 25, 2007 10:58

Look up Waco Fake-o on the search engine. The fire at the BD compound was started by a soldier, in a black ski mask,and cammy BDU`s. From the front (2 story tower) he was on the right 50-100ft down the wooden building.He had no insignia,U.S.Army tags or chevrons. He walked slowly over to a WW 2 vintage portable flame thrower with 3 tanks and put it on his back. There was a U.S.MILITARY medium tank,idling, 50ft away,camoflaged,with no armament other then a cannon on the turret.This murdering punk then climbed up on the tanks chassis,flame thrower on his back,opened the hatch on the turret and climbed inside. Once inside, the tank driver began using this phoney cannon`s barrel to punch holes inside the Waco structure. It would lunge forward, then reverse its self and then forward and reverse and forward again. The murdering coward was firing the flame thrower through the cannon`s bogus barrel, every time the tank thrust through the walls and would shut the jellied gasoline off before they pulled out again. Towards the end of this premeditated genocidal assault,the driver and the murderer had their signals mixed up, and you could see on film,the firey stream shooting deep into the interior,these murderers knew exactly what they were doing (and were probably terminated shortly afterwards),killing innocents,"nazi style". They then spun around and traveled about 100ft to the entrance of the underground bunker (it was untouched til then)and proceeded to run forward, backwards, forward, backwards and so forth, crushing the roof and tons of dirt down on women and children (oldest child 12 years of age)suffocating all of these innocent toddlers.There was also helicopter gunships firing heavy machine guns and small arms into the "tower", for 20 minutes before the BD`s returned fire. The "tower" is the two story building where Clinton`s former bodyguards climbed through the upper windows and were shot in the back of the head by their leader, who was then wounded and slid down the gable to the ground.It is said the bodyguards knew too much about Clinton`s Alma CIA/Cocaine transport system.Hillary "The Whore"Clinton was the mastermind behind the WACO murders along with her lesbian friend Janet Reno.These original untouched films were available from a police supply business in Arkansas,and there are still copies out there.No one will do anything about this because Amerika has lost both innocence and testicals,long ago. Vote foe Hillary and enjoy true NAZI liberty and homosexuality.


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