Religions that Start Wars Can End Them
Mon Jun 11, 2007 10:02

Truth is the winning weapon.

For years since dabbling in politics as a freelance cartoonist, I've kept eyes and ears open to news, with an attempt to determine what the truth really is.

Proud of my "straight A" course in highschool Government class, I came face to face with a criminal justice system and "democratic government" later in life which was everything I was taught it was not.

Greased pockets in the USA can purchase politicians, overlook drug cartels, rig court cases, and conceal facts for generations.

The "Civics" course in my opinion, was not a waste of public tax money, or disservice to working Americans forced to pay, but - public funded education should have offered better ways or ideas to fix things in government which were broken.

To be fair, we were taught the system was not perfect.

We were not taught that any attempt to correct the imperfections would be nearly impossible, and that the imperfections would continue to be covered-up, hidden, overlooked, or simply postponed indefinitely in "Courts of Law."

So, who created this mess?

It's the Illuminati! It's the Jesuits! It's the Jews! It's the Muslims! It's the Protestants! Folks who've hit rock bottom, witnessed or been victimized, persecuted, falsely accused or imprisoned by the system are trying to figure out who did it and why, looking back through the centuries to see whether there's an underlying plan to create destruction or destroy certain families, races or religions.

The truth is, injustice is all over the world.

Another truth is, religions are not free, but each is bound by its own very exclusive laws and beliefs. And each seeks power in influence, control and in growing their memberships.

For all of the centuries of bloodshed and hate, of conquest and infiltration, war and the horrors of it, powerful religions have had soldiers on front lines.

It's human nature to form clans, groups, or "schools" of people or thought.

How can any Government granting "freedom" deliver it when citizens and lawmakers in underlying varying religions are not free to think on a broader scale beyond their own religious beliefs?

Only when varying religions seek common grounds of understanding will the people and governments of the world find peace.

Religions can bring that about if instead of seeking power for themselves, they will commit in seeking a Common Understanding - for the sake of the Little Children of Today.

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