Pro-Ron Paul Calls Shut Down GOP Call Center?
Mon Jun 11, 2007 18:32

Pro-Ron Paul Calls Shut Down GOP Call Center?

When presidential candidate Ron Paul's (R-Tex) campaign manager Lew Moore visited Utah, he told supporters that Ron Paul's support was swelling dramatically and cited two incidents, according to "Utahns for Ron Paul."

First, he reported New Hampshire report for Ron Paul is strong and deep. "At a New Hampshire rally a week or so ago, over 400 people showed up to support Ron Paul which was 50% more than any other candidate, including Barack Obama. A reporter who had been at the same location to report on each of the other candidates told Lew that this group was twice as energetic as any of the other candidates' supporters."

Second, Ron Paul's support shut down the GOP call center, when some top GOP-ers threatened to ban him from the debates. "The Republican National Committee received nearly 20,000 phone calls in support of Ron Paul within 24 hours and had to shut down their call center. They had to call Ron Paul's committee and plead with them to announce immediately that Ron Paul was without a doubt invited to the debate, and ask them to please make the announcement to his supporters so they would stop calling."

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Bush's Spring Frolic In Can...he 2004 Bush campaign video:
We would like to see the shocking 2004 campaign video just discovered by the Los Angeles Times, which Bush secretly mailed to Latino voters all over the country. Narrated by Bush, the video shows Bush waving a Mexican flag and describing U.S. citizens in Texas as foreigners in Mexico's native land.
Click on this site to read the whole article and view the video:

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Many of them blame America for their poverty and condition in life. Many hold deep resentment because the wealthy in their homelands have taught them that America stole their lands and is responsible for the genocide of millions of their Native American ancestors.

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