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C@R#A%Z&Y but true: my life as a guinea pig
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C@R#A%Z&Y but true: my life as a guinea pig Current rating: 0
by eric stewart Blog.
(No verified email address) 18 Feb 2002
The following is not intended to frighten, as much as it frightened me when I experienced it. It is intended to empower. I hope to assist in empowering you with information and my own tested advice. My story is too long to put into a single email so I hope to provide a rough shot at my experiences being subject to psychological operations.
~All words off set by one of these: "~" are my OWN words - otherwise they are snipped to provide reference for my "claims."~

~The following is not intended to frighten, as much as it frightened me when I experienced it. It is intended to empower. I hope to assist in empowering you with information and my own tested advice. My story is too long to put into a single email so I hope to provide a rough shot at my experiences being subject to psychological operations. I was targeted for having the audacity to promote a greater awareness of the truth. Color me strange but I hold the concept of an informed voting and spending public to not be only incredibly important but also sorely lacking, at least as regards the kind of information I refer to. Please remember that reason is the enemy of terror and that small scale psyop experts operate by the same principles as large scale ones, like television and politics. Without fear, they are impotent.~


A good background piece:
British psychiatry: from eugenics to assassination

...and an EXCELLENT piece on telling whether or not the people you are dealing with are a cult:
The Scent of a Cult


Eric Stewart here. It seems that through the labryinth of articulating the past three years of insidious psyops that I have been subject to, a few people have actually managed to follow enough of my story to actually "get it." A few of THOSE have offered to help me get some exposure on this and I have agreed to do so, in this case, in order to help my earthly brothers and sisters understand the nature of the threat allayed against us that we may deter it. I am talking about mind control but I prefer to use the phrase "behavior modification" as it is less likely to invoke the image of the zombified frankendroid. Behavior modification is not very hocus pocus stuff but mystification techniques CAN be used to disempower a subject. In other words, belief in the supernatural can easily be used against us. Please see:


~the above article takes it from the slant that it was
an arab operation...even if it wasn't - even if it was
US sponsored...the same gist applies...

in the context of a large scale psyop - waco, wtc, and
lots else make a lot of sense...powers-that-be are
conducting these acts on auspicious dates for the
purpose of giving said events and agendas an air of
inevitability - it is a psyop - philip k dick was
trying to tell us something when he wrote what the
truman show was based on - that these bastards will do
anything for a show! WACO was a double psyop operation
in that though the catf [cult of alcohol, tobacco, and
firearms] knew they were going to have to take
koresh's followers out but they ran a few last
experiments [sounds of rabbits wailing while being
slaughtered...nancy sinatra's 'boots are made for
walkin...gonna walk all over you...i got me a ....
pack of matches... - those are lyrics to the song and
they were blared at the compound.....the other aspect
of the psyop involved the home viewer as the subject~

Reflections on Hitler's use of Emotions in Order to
Manipulate Reason and Public Opinion

Psychologists, the New Priesthood
A question and answer with Osho

~this guy was an old guru...a team of roughly forty
people were assigned to him and it took them eight
years to find an infraction on him, let alone one that
was arrestable...well the infraction was arrestable -
an immigration what did they do? he
was on the east coast getting ready to head to bermuda
for a regular retreat and DOZENS of BATF agents showed
up and arrested him - i have SEEN pictures of him
manacled in steel chains, being led off the tarmac -
the guy weighed about 120 pounds - he was about 70
years old...they had begun a psyop - a routine of
breaking this man down...over the next few months he
was sent from jail to jail [over 10 i am pretty sure]
and eventually died due to a mysterious poisoning of
some sort of heavy metal...he was getting people to
listen to him...what was he saying?~

"These deprogrammers are writing against cults,
dogmas, and they don't know anything about them. They don't come here. Not a single deprogrammer psychologist has appeared, because he knows he will be deprogrammed."

~like i said, paul wilcher was killed...he was also
working on exposing a LARGE scale would
have shown the world just how the demopublicans and
the republicrats are in bed together...particularly
the bushes and the clintons~

parallels between wilcher's investigation of waco
incident and my own experiences:

Mind Control

~I garnered governmental attention by fathering a stunt commonly known as Jam Echelon Day. Cooked up in the fall of 1999, it was a largely publicity oriented campaign designed to shed some light on a system of electronic surveillance that had gone on unchecked, indeed even unrecognized for too long. Since it is harder for someone to get information from you that you wish kept secret if you know that they are there, we dove headlong into it and by "we" I mean myself and Grant Bayley - HTML designer for the original JED website at Of course, after its launch, the world took over spreading the word. Six months or so later, Echelon was detailed on Sixty Minutes having gone from being a nutty conspiracy theory to knowledge in the public domain. It is the kind of thing that will get you on the shit list of the powerful.~

The original campaign

The village voice on the event: an article based on a by-phone interview i conducted with Sarah Ferguson under the name of robert kemp

~This accomplished another thing that I consider important: the spreading of some revolutionary memes or paradigms. Firstly, some people became acquainted, for the first time, with the notion that two people who were not among the "powerful" could spark a global movement. Secondly, that the campaign was taken up globally in several languages said to the world, "We can be one."

Needless to say, these paradigms are the enemy of social control. We made the National Security Agency look bad and in the ensuing three years I would be subject to an insidious variety of psychological operations designed to destabilize and discredit. Various manner of confusing techniques would be used after a few months of having operatives "befriend" me in order to discover what made me tick. By getting an idea of my belief system it would become easier to undo my "uppitiness." I would be targeted for "re-education."

A program designed to track down corporate critics called Cybersleuth would enable such entities to track me for such purposes. The ability to pin-point the geographical precision your detractors was used as one of E-watch's selling points in the marketing of this program. I would later read that the CIA used the term "re-education" to mean, quite literally, brainwashing.~


Tracking so-called "perpetrators" is also part of the
service, says eWatch National Product Manager Ted
Skinner. That's done by "using a variety of methods,
such as following leads found in postings and Web
sites, working with ISPs, involving law enforcement,
conducting virtual stings and other tactics," he says.

~Also see the below links.~

Local activists under government and corporate surveillance

~There is a man named James Glave that writes for Wired magazine and it was wired that first picked up our campaign. James Glave was on the Hacktivism list during all discussions of the planned event so he was in on all of the information from the get go. Yet, when he wrote the article for Wired, entitled 'Hackers Ascend Upper Echelon,' the text contained grossly innacurate information. For one, the event was said to have been initiated by Linda Thompson's American Justice Federation, a right-wing tank of people that I would come, over the years, to know as fame-starved and unscrupulous. Linda Thompson was not on the list nor was she involved in any way. Also, the date of the event was misrepresented as October 18, 1999 instead of October 21 as per the globally distributed alert. This was designed, in my opinion, to have the following effects:

1. By attributing the event to the AJF and associating it with Linda Thompson, it would be sneered at, even laughed at as just another right-wing paranoia push.

2. By claiming the date as October 18 instead of October 21, confusion would be wrought taking steam out of the campaign.

3. With the date switch, the side sought-after affect of Jam Echelon Day which was that, in case it DID create logistical problems for the NSA's computers this would allow for organizers of the NEXT DAY'S Stop Police Brutality Day to plan with less spooky oversight.~

Hackers Ascend Upper Echelon,1283,31726,00.html

~What I would later find out is that Wired magazine employs a significant amount of ex-NSA employees.~

Robert Kemp (sensuant (at)
Thu, 07 Oct 1999 13:38:01 EDT

~The above link refers to the disinformation campaign that I speak of. In response to the dissemination of this second alert, James Glave's cronie broncbuster (at) would email me and threaten me, albeit vaguely. Over the next three years I would have some twenty email accounts hacked into, have passwords changed, etc.

Considering that the NSA is the world's largest employer of mathemeticians and that the NSA is the premier governmental surveillance outfit - AND that the internet WAS devised by the Department of Defense, it is no surprise that I would be easily tracked over the next three years of travelling and "worked on." Perhaps I should have taken heed early in the campaign. After posting the alert to about fifty newsgroups, I arrived at a newsgroup entitled NSA-info (if I recall correctly). As the newsgroup's window popped up on my screen I noticed that someone had posted something entitled 'Echelon' just two minutes prior to my own arrival at the newsgroup. "How serendipitous," I thought. All the text read was "Listening..."

Not serendipitous but contrived.

Also, for the first two years or so after the event, I would use the free email service offered by not knowing that it was a tentacle of U.S. Army psychological operations. Alex Burns of conspiracy, disinfo fame is an ex-member of the Church of Satan explaining a little about his relationship to an individual I will go much into, Michael Aquino. Michael Aquino is a former (?) operative for the Army's Psychological Operations unit, ex-member of the Church of Satan, and founder of the Temple of Set. He was implicated in the 1977 Senate hearings on MK-ULTRA and has been linked to ritual abuse of minors in the San Francisco Bay area - a charge he would evade retribution for. Keep in mind that Aquino was a member of the Process Church of the Final Judgement (like Son of Sam and Charles Manson). I think that if you read through this whole piece and actually thoroughly explore the links I have provided that you will understand why I am left with NO CHOICE but to presume that someone tried to recruit me for an act that required the absensce of feeling (kamikaze anyone?) and this was to be accomplished by depriving me of sleep in order to program me with traumatic theater, in the two years prior to September 11. During that time, I became convinced that whatever it was I was going through was done with the complicity of the State, i.e. the UNITED States. Since then, in delving into the already formidable amount of 911 conspiracy lore that abounds, I have seen much that implicates the same State. Given all of this, I think you will understand why I take my case to the people and not to "authorities."

Please see the following~

Whistle-blowers say military waging psychological warfare

For Whistleblowers, Ethical Mile Is A Hard Walk

~What do Charles Manson, Aleister Crowley, Donald DeFreeze, the Yezidis, the Son of Sam, British Israelism, Christian Identity, the Promise Keepers, the Beatles, LSD, L. Ron Hubbard, and Tavistock Institute all have in common?

A: the process church of the final judgement, that's what!

Their own web site

the process church of the final judgment
by Nick Mamatas (Laddertrick (at)

Another excellent synopsis of the Process' collection of paradigms


a google search for Process Church and Christain Identity

and British Israelism

and the Promise Keepers

and no Process collection would be complete without this one:
The Process Church of the Final Judgement


What follows is a series of snips. I struggled for months in articulating my experiences. The main thing that always got in the way is the nature if the western mind itself: the tendency to compartmentalize information. Over the course of the past four months I have, in researching the subject of psychological operations (occult) and behavior modification memories would be clearly "triggered." As I jotted my remembrances down I allowed myself, in going back and re-reading, to decompartmentalize. Much of what I experienced is archived at my listserv, along with much else, enabling me to re-read as often as I like.

My own experiences began to really make sense once this was done and the more sense it made, the less afraid I became. I know now that we are one nation, under Tavistock. Yet, the controllers' fear of a united people is great. Their fear is not a manifestation of the belief that it can't happen. It is very much based on the reality that it CAN~

~From Aquino's Temple of Set web site~

"There is a vague notion that people will both
understand Initiation and want it. It's all terribly
romantic, like the Shaolin monastery or the Fight
Club. Those on the inside are supposed to have Secrets
that can help those on the outside."

~The words 'fight club' triggered me...many of the
people i recently dropped as friends [like a sack of
potatoes] would brawl with each other - next day they
were friends...but the brawls were
threatening...they mentioned o

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