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White House - Cross Between Titanic And A Nut House
Thu Jun 14, 2007 21:33

White House - Cross Between Titanic And A Nut House
Voice Of The White House
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I don't know who is suffering the worst; Bush or Rove. Rove connived
to put Bush in the White House with the rigged votes in Florida and an
equally rigged Supreme Court and plotted to keep him there, and the
Republicans in power forever, by relying on a powerful coalition of
Zionists and Evangelical Freaks.

It was Rove's plan to increase Bush's powers as president so he could
do or order what he wanted. Karl was in for the long haul, believe me,
and in the beginning it was just like the Reich Chancellery when Hitler
came to power in 1933. Get power and get even was their motto.

The rabid Likudists, as personified by the NeoCons, had Bush stuff his
staff and all important posts with their co-religionists. Libby (or
Liebowitz before they changed it at Ellis Island), Wolfowitz, Bolton,
Pearle, Abrams and many others too numerous to name, were put into secure
positions of power while Bush slavishly catered to Israel and the
evangelical nuts like Dobson, Robertson and Falwell.

Oh yes, and we mustn't forget the Other Blessed Christian Leader who was
giving blowjobs to male whores. Now what was his name? We forget so soon
once they lose power, don't we? Could it be Ted Haggard?

And another wonderful additive to the upper control groups were gays.
Bush loves gays, probably in his bathroom, and in spite of ranting about
duct tape and gay marriage, Bush managed to get fudgepacked by Gannon on
at least fourteen occasions. The head of the GOP, another faggot, took
off after the mid-terms and is probably teaching courses at Harvard or
running a think tank about now.

But in spite of Rove's plans, backed up with his wholesale blackmail of
anyone who ever got in his way, they have lost.

Bush's pet immigration bill was dumped, Putin has made a public fool out
of him, and if Bush ever stops walking fast, Gonzales will be picking ***
out of his nose for a week. Bush likes to surround himself with
insignificant toadies like Congoleeza Rice who gives sycophancy a very bad

Yes, they have lost. Bush's actual poll results are just at 20% (and
inching downwards daily ) according to the private White House polls and
Cheney is down to 9% (nine)! Even long-time staff members are quitting
and about 30% of the staffers who were here in 2004 have long gone.

Kristol, posterboy for Likudists, once a great Bush supporter, now
hates him because Divine Israel wants George to take out Iran and he
can't. Why can't he? Because he has been told that if he does that,
there will be mutiny in the military (and probably Congress) and it
is not inconceivable that Bush's head would be carried up and down
Pennsylvania on a pike while thousands cheered.

Karl Rove was mobbed by students at American U. and attacked in his
car but aside from a ten second clip on MSNBC, the press did not dare
to discuss this. Rove has plenty on paper publishers, too.

The White House today is like a cross between the Titanic at 2AM just
before the final plunge and a nut house at a full moon. I keep notes
for a wonderful, uplifting book I am going to write. Will Liebowitz
get his Presidential Pardon? Good question.


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