Bush in "Fantasyland"
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Bush in "Fantasyland"

"President Bush is rushing to deploy a technology that does not
work against a threat that does not exist," Cirincione says. "Iran
is at least 5 to 10 years away from the capability to build a nuclear
weapon and at least that far from having a missile that could hit
Europe let alone the US. And anti-missile systems are still nowhere
near working despite $150 billion spent since the 1983 Star Wars program
started and years of phony tests staged to demonstrate 'progress' and
'success.'" . . .

"President Bush so fervently believes in something that doesn't exist
that he jeopardizes – again – our real security interests. The fact
is the Czechs don't want the radar, the Europeans don't trust his
explanations and deplore his unilateralism, the Congress has already
cut the funds on purely programmatic grounds. This was a dumb idea
before, now it is yet another foreign policy disaster". . . In The
Rise of US Nuclear Primacy, published in Foreign Affairs last year,
Keir A. Liber and Daryl G. Press wrote: ". . .the sort of missile
defenses that the United States might plausibly deploy would be
valuable primarily in an offensive context, not a defensive one —
as an adjunct to a US first-strike capability, not as a stand-alone
shield. If the United States launched a nuclear attack against Russia
(or China), the targeted country would be left with a tiny surviving
arsenal — if any at all. At that point, even a relatively modest or
inefficient missile-defense system might well be enough to protect
against any retaliatory strikes. . ."

"President Putin thinks the US policies represent a new imperialism.
Now, he sees President Bush trying to build permanent military bases
on Russia's borders. Putin isn't afraid of 10 interceptors but he has
to worry about what comes next — any Russian leader would. He doesn't
believe President Bush and many Europeans don't either. This issue feeds
into the mistrust of America that Europeans feel on a host of Bush
Administration policies from global warming to Iraq". . .

"Politics drives this deployment decision," Cirincione says. "Bush
Administration officials are trying to lock in the program before they
leave office. They are trying to build bases they hope the next president
will find impossible to shut down" . . . President Bush has fallen neatly
into Putin's trap. They may have to invent a new name for this gambit."
Full story: thenation.com


Supreme Court Overturns Constitution

by Max Raskin


In May, 1995, Phil Schneider did a lecture on what he had discovered.
Seven months later he was tortured and killed by those for whom he had
previously worked. This man's final acts should not go unnoticed.

A Lecture By Phil Schneider


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