Fri Jun 15, 2007 23:56

I believe you. I know they are doing it -

This is an excerpt from my website: 

In the section of this website titled, "The Coup/Thomas Barnett", in Barnett's presentation titled Military in the 21st Century, he confirms the strategy of self-synchronization between the government and multinational corporations.

"Anthrax guy or gal strikes, 5 dead, 13 sick in the United States. At that point, Canada, normally a wonderful ruleset follower, tells Bayer, the German giant pharmaceutical we’re going to break your patent on Cipro, we’re going to crank it generically here in Canada, you’re not going to get a dime, we’re going to call it a national emergency. Charles Schumer U.S. Senator from New York says we should do the same thing. Bush Administration kind of whispers across the Atlantic, “We don’t think we need to do it AT THIS TIME”. Bayer catches the hint. Turns on every factory it has in the world 24/7, cranks out Cipro at an unprecedented rate, floods the market at a cut-rate costs. At that point, figuratively at the back of the room, sub-Saharan African nations raise their hands and they say, “How do you people do that with a straight face?” We’ve been asking for AIDS drugs patent relief because millions are dying across sub-Saharan Africa. You say, “It’s complex. Share holder’s expectations, R&D, patent copyright. Wish I could help.” You get 5 dead, 13 sick and you re-write the rules in one afternoon." Thomas Barnett

In Barnett's delivery of this paragraph, he acts out the part... whispering and emphasis on "AT THIS TIME".

I'll tell you something else. The objectives that George Bushwhacker and the Crime Family attributes to radical, fundamentalist Muslims is exactly the same agenda as the socialists (communists) at the United Nations. AND.... Georgie Boy is going along with the communist agenda full speed ahead. He is carrying on with what his father and Clinton started - the transformation of the United States to a communist country.


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