Re: 'Bordergate'
Sat Jun 16, 2007 08:59

Ms. Fitzgerald,

Words cannot express how incredible that you and others like yourself should suffer continuously because of high level government corruption.

My musical sons were victimized by AMERICAN Organized Drug Lords, and one is said to be dead. I never identified his body because in the thirty-nine day period of his death and burial, Georgia police were too busy throwing me in jails based on false accusations, and slapping me with bail costs, travel costs, attorney costs.

It's called "the system." Powerfully corrupt people know specifically how to use it to destroy a person, and they can actually plan the destruction using "courts of law."

I had attempted to help NC police solve a murder in 1998, which had occurred in 1992, and it appears my sons fell victim to the same organized drug mafia, which encompasses several states - and apparently: enjoys high-level protection.

Was I being punished for tipping off cops?

I was caught up in the "Drug War" in naively seeking the help of and to assist [corrupt] law enforcement.

I found myself falsely accused, arrested and in three filthy Georgia jails, fled the state to Kentucky where police persecution, harassment continued.

I believe it was there I read an account of your situation in the Lexington newspaper that you had relocated from California to Versailles in fear for your life and safety? (Forgive me if my memory is incorrect.)

Near the same period our exposed Governor Patton's mistress fled state of Kentucky to Colorado in fear for her life after the affair was made public.

I wanted to contact you, and had it not been for your account and Ms. Sally Denton's book, The Bluegrass Conspiracy, I would have been totally confused when my home was being sabotaged by criminals, animals killed, and I was being stalked and harassed by police and finding no assistance or support as a crime victim by public officials.

But knowing your situation, and reading Ms. Denton's book, I've thanked Heavens for your courage in alerting the public. It strengthens those of us suffering and fearful in knowing others are fighting more incredibly corrupt obstacles.

When I read your story about the railroad tanker cars loaded with drugs, being a former railroad executive wife of 23 years, and having found myself on the streets, wrestling with organized criminals and police corruption, I couldn't help but take notice.

My story in part, is at .

I've since wondered whether my story connects to the Cuban Missile Crisis and whether I may have somehow stumbled upon some of my Dad's 1962 "New World Order" enemies.

It's a mystery.

My best wishes to you and others like you. If Presidents can pardon their friendly campaign financiers: mafia members, cocaine drug lords and tax evaders, surely easily and with no remorse, they can fire attorneys investigating or threatening to expose their corrupt, wealthy "friends." 

The sad part is good, working Americans are forced to pay the high-level criminal bills, while denying themselves and their families 1/3 of their paychecks and wrestling with a "system" that is corrupt and complicated beyond belief or trust.

Thank you for being a Patriot, and an extremely courageous one.

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