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I'm familiar with Darlene's story. She was a whistleblower and associate with Whistleblower John Carmen, who had the similar things happen to them both. These are the only people the government wishes to silence, because they know too much about the trafficking in illegal aliens and drug running across the border.

These people put their life on the line for us, but what the hell does the difference make, they are still going to pass S. 1348. They can't even enforce the 1986 Illegal Immigration Policy, so what makes us think rewriting the laws will make us any more secure or curb immigration. They say they can't deport them, and at one point Congress voted to return all the deported aliens, even the felons. It's government run-a-muck.

Until 1986, the United States had never forgiven the act of illegal immigration in other than individual cases and had never rewarded large numbers of illegal aliens with the opportunity for U.S. citizenship, but they keep writing more bills

Let your congressmen know what you think, not that they ever listened to us before.
The Informed Voter Website with information regarding the Amnesty Bill. Have a look:

Newly empowered Democrats draw wrath of voters By Thomas Ferraro Mon Jun 18, 2007;_ylt=ArFWZqDEbvJ4fNAsvWDjH9IE1vAI

Another back door deal. Should we really be surprised at anything Bush or this traitorous Congress does?
Kucinich Reveals Dem Funding Bill Includes Privatization of Iraq Oil & Carte Blanche to Invade Iran
by June Caldwell, American Chronicle May 6, 2007

Now there's new allegations against the Pentagon about Abu Ghraib by Seymore Hersh and others.
Abu Ghraib Investigator Points to Pentagon 17 Jun 2007 The Army two-star general who led the first investigation into prisoner abuse at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq believes that senior defense officials were involved in directing abusive interrogation [torture] policies and said that he was forced to retire early because of his pursuit of the issue, says an article to be published tomorrow in the New Yorker magazine. Maj. Gen. Antonio M. Taguba said that he felt mocked and shunned by top Pentagon officials, including then-Defense Secretary [war criminal] Donald H. Rumsfeld, after filing an exhaustive report on the now-notorious Abu Ghraib abuse. Taguba also said that Rumsfeld misled Congress when he testified in May 2004 about the abuse investigation, minimizing how much he knew about the incidents. [See: 'I saw ___ a kid...' (Graphic) Source: The "Taguba Report" On Treatment Of Abu Ghraib Prisoners In Iraq, statement by Kasim Mehaddi Hilas, Detainee #151108, 1300/18 Jan 04, as published by The Washington Post.]

US Army Pushes For Amnesty Bill Fast Track So It Can Recruit Illegal Aliens by Steve Watson Prison Planet June 11, 2007
Treasonous Army failed to reach recruitment targets for May, turns to illegals

Now they are trying to accuse Ron Paul of nepotism, because his daughter was helping on his campaign, but as he says, this is nothing unusual or illegal. They are afraid of a Ron Paul Revolution. But, the Neo Cons have to demonize anyone who tells the truth, look what they did to Ambassador Wilson and his wife Valerie Plame all to get their illegal war started and now see what we have. The biggest mess in history. Gonzales has not stepped down and Scooter will probably get a presidential pardon, if not now later.

Olbermann on Countdown also exposed George Bush and had several attorneys discussing the legalities and executive abuse. I especially liked it when he said, "Mr. Bush you are a liar!" Keith doesn't pull any punches and tells it like it is.

Cafferty wants to know "What does it mean if Iraq now ranks as the world's second most unstable country, behind only Sudan?"
Iraq now ranked second among world's failed states;_ylt=AmwmSuSrrlKla0IXl4JhXkcE1vAI

Amnesty Opponents Are Not Un-American by Ron Paul June 11, 2007

No wonder Darlene's expose is the story our government doesn't want you to read. It's corptocracy and drug running extraordinaire. There's too many feeding at the trough. Campeon and Ramos US Border Patrol agents also tried to stop it and now they are in jail for 12 years. It was started by Globalist Clinton and now being carried out by Neo-Con George Bush. The mainstream media isn't even reporting on the NAFTA Super Highway, except Lou Dobbs. Now China is going to put an automobile plant in Mexico. By the time the fence is done the 30 million illegals in this country will have grandchildren.
Now they are attacking Lou Dobbs. His ratings have skyrocketed, probably because people are hungry for the truth.

Weingarten is suppose to be humorous, but this is brutal assassination of another journalist.
Below the Beltway By Gene Weingarten Sunday, June 17, 2007; Page W40

We have to save and support the Whistleblowers, they are the only ones who have a clue as to what is really going on. The majority of American MSM isn't covering it unless they spin it top meet the president's agenda.

Not only was OKC an inside job, so was 911 -- another globalist plan.
If this doesn't anger and disgust you, nothing will -- It's only 14 minutes long but very important to the future of America.
Nick Rockefeller told movie producer, Aaron Russo, the purpose of 9/11 was a planned hoax, fraud, and farce. They wanted him to join the CFR. He also said, Rockefeller admitted the goal of world microchipped population.

The only good thing I can say about Bill Clinton is we had a great economy, lots of jobs, and no war. He lied but no one died -- Bush lied and thousands died. Hillary wants to keep the troops there as long as necessary, which could be a decade?

Ron Paul is going to stop amenesty, end the war, bring the troops home, get rid of Income tax and the Federal Reserve.

Let the best man win and I hope they don't use the illegal PC voting machines. They should be outlawed in every state, unless they leave a paper trail, track the votes, and allow a recount and locked up at the Polls and not in poll workers cars or homes.

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this says it all............

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Darlene Fitzgerald 'Bordergate' Fri Jun 15, 2007 16:47
'Bordergate' Government Darlene Fitzgerald June 2, 2007

My name is Darlene Fitzgerald and I have over 20 years of combined law Enforcement experience in the military, private industry and as a Special Agent, and in 1999 I resigned in protest because I refused to Work for an agency that is worse than the people I put in jail.

In 1998 I was in charge of a U.S. Customs task force operating an Extensive investigation called Operation Rite Rail. We uncovered tons Of narcotics and contraband being facilitated into the U.S. From Mexico via railroad tanker cars - with the apparent approval of U.S. Customs managers. Just a little over a year ago this resulted in the Landmark civil case in federal court: Fitzgerald - Nunn Vs. Department Of Homeland Security.

At this trial superv ised by now-fired US Attorney Carol Lam, Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos took the stand and made history by being The first sitting Judge ever to testify against the U.S. Government.

The essential fact of my testimony, corroborated by other credible Special Agents and managers, is that high-level Customs managers shut
Down my investigation into narcotics smuggling.

I had already seized 8000 pounds of marijuana and 34 kilos of uncut Cocaine in just one pressurized railroad tanker car. I had in my grasp Five cars imported from Mexico that were improperly manifested as "empty", yet contained 25 to 40 tons of suspect contraband. They had Been sent from the same front company in Mexico where the previously Seized tanker car was from, and I had high-level information from a Reliable informant as to the contents of these five cars. Yet I was Ordered off the case and told to shut down my operation.

At the trial, Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAIC) Gary Pinkava Took the stand for Customs and admitted without elaboration that he Would not allow me or my supervisor to pressure test, at no charge to The government, these highly suspected tanker cars. This would have Been the largest seizure on record for any agency (25 to 40 tons), and It was under the command and control of ASAIC Pinkava.

Subsequently, as testified to by numerous witnesses, these tanker cars Were released into the commerce of the U.S., uninspected by anyone.

Evidence of the following was most certainly exposed at the trial: Witness tampering, Facilitation of the importation of 25 to 40 tons of Contraband into the U.S., Perjury, Misprision of Felony, and possible Subornation of Perjury.

This evidence was sufficient to warrant the initiation of a grand jury Investigation – yet there was none. All of these crimes remain Un-investigated! Complete transcripts of this trial testimony may be -- Read at

What my task force and I also exposed is the horrendous national Security terrorist threat that these tanker cars pose to our nation.
Timothy McVey blew up the Federal Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. With about one ton of ammonium nitrate in an unsealed-cargo truck. This cowardly attack killed scores of people and resulted in over Eleven damaged buildings being torn down. Yet a terrorist can put Forty times this amount of ammonium nitrate in a railroad tanker car And pressurize it. This would create what is essentially the world's Largest "pipe bomb."

It is important to note that there have been no other rail tanker car. Seizures since that done by my task force in 1998. Have the drug Smugglers and terrorists simply quit trying to enter the U.S., or have they been operating freely with the assistance of corrupt managers within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The real victims here are all of the brave whistleblowers who have come forward with important information that exposes threats to our National security in which I have chronicled in my recently released Book entitled "BorderGate." Most recently my fellow Whistleblower John Carman was arrested by the FBI for what appears to many to be a clear Case of entrapment in order to shut him up.

This is the same FBI office that John and I have repeatedly exposed in The media for failing to investigate the facts revealed in "BorderGate."

What has happened, and continues to happen to all of the Whistleblowers in the BorderGate story is not only wrong, but it Places our country at grave risk as well. All we can do is put the Facts before you. Henceforth, nobody can say they were unaware of what Is going on.

To quote the famous French free thinker Voltaire, "Being right is Dangerous when it is government that is wrong."

How sad is it that so many years later this is still true today.

Editor's Note: Ms. Fitzgerald urges all who choose to do so to contact the House Judiciary Committee and urge them to investigate this lack
of action.

Darlene Fitzgerald has more than 20 years of successful experience in criminal justice: Military, federal law enforcement, and private industry. She is an honorably discharged, decorated veteran who served her country not only as a Captain in the U.S. Army Military Police Corps, but as a U.S. Customs Special Agent fighting on the front lines of the War on Drugs.

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