Tenet misspoke about not meeting Bush in August 2001
Associated Press
Tenet misspoke about not meeting Bush in August 2001
Fri Jun 11, 2004 01:04

Tenet misspoke about not meeting Bush in August 2001

Associated Press

WASHINGTON, D.C. — CIA Director George Tenet misspoke Wednesday when he told a federal panel reviewing the Sept. 11 attacks that he did not meet with President Bush in August 2001.

Under questioning by commissioner Tim Roemer, Tenet said he never spoke with Bush during the month before the attacks, a period marked by concern over possible terrorist strike.

"He was on vacation and I was here," Tenet said, although he added that he could have picked up the phone and called the president at any time if he had felt the need to communicate with him.

In fact, Tenet flew to Texas to brief Bush on Aug. 17, 2001, and briefed the president again on Aug. 31 when Bush returned to Washington, a spokesman for Tenet said later in the day.

During the first eight days of September, Tenet briefed Bush at least six times, the spokesman said.

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... Atty Gen's guards had guns, and they flew commercial ... would fly planes into buildings."
FALSE TENET: CIA director doesn't recall trip to Texas in 2001 ...

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Ashcroft: Claims he stopped flying commercial jets before 9-11 once because
of a heightened threat against him (there is no record of this), and two
because his guards had guns (all previous Atty Gen's guards had guns, and they flew

Tenet: Did not brief Bush on heightened terror threat and the suspected
terrorists training in the U.S. (Later the CIA reported indeed Tenet met with
Bush TWICE in August of 2001). When the planes hit the towers Tenet says, "Oh,
I hope that wasn't the terrorist training to fly in the U.S."

Rice: "We had no idea anyone would fly planes into buildings." FALSE


CIA director doesn't recall trip to Texas in 2001

WASHINGTON, April 14 (Reuters) - CIA Director George
Tenet insisted he had no contact with the
president who was vacationing in Texas dur(Tenet)
Doesn't Recall 2001 Tx. Trip (CIA says he went 8/17/
14 Apr 2004 21:04:12 GMT
CIA director doesn't recall trip to Texas in 2001
WASHINGTON, April 14 (Reuters) - CIA Director George
Tenet insisted he had no contact with the
president who was vacationing in Texas during the
month before the Sept. 11 attacks. But he was
A CIA spokesman later said Tenet had in fact gone to
Texas during August of that year to brief President
George W. Bush.
"I didn't see the president. I was not in briefings
with him during this time. He was on vacation. I was
here," Tenet told the commission investigating the
attacks on Wednesday....
The CIA spokesman said Tenet had flown to Texas on
Aug. 17, 2001, to brief the president.

Ashcroft Fails to Allay Suspicions Regarding Avoidance Of Commercial Airlines

In response To Commissioner Richard Ben-Veniste's question on 4/13/04 to
Attorney General Ashcroft on his reported avoidance of commercial airlines
(see Paul Thompson's timeline for 7/26/01), Mr. Ashcroft made the following

1) He only uses government planes while on government business.
Consider- The article from CBS.com is the evidence he began flying
commercial before 9/11/01. It begins with the words, "Fishing rod in

2) He was avoiding commercial flights because of the special weapons his
bodyguards carry.
Consider-The article continues, "There was a threat assessment and
there were guidelines. He is acting under guidelines." So which is it, there
was a threat assessment or not? Also, since the assessment came from the FBI,
isn't this the same FBI that hadn't seen the Phoenix memo, Rowley's memo, or
8/6/01 pdb?

3) His wife flew commercial to Europe recently.
Consider- Does that mean he flew with her? Why didn't he say "My
wife and I flew commercial?" The CBS article also said he had been" advised
fly only by private jet the remainder of his term." When did the guidelines
change? Could it be they were relaxed soon after 9/11/01? If he flew
commercial so
much, can we find anyone out there who saw him on such flights? Maybe they're
the same folks who remember seeing W serving in the national guard in Alabama?

Other points of note:

1) The easiest way to resolve this is for the commission to request a
full list of flights, both commercial and otherwise, that Ashcroft has taken
since July of 2001.

2) The commission should require the FBI to produce, any and all proof
that there were threat assessments. They should start by finding out who was
quoted in the CBS.com article.

3) Doesn't it seem ironic that Ashcroft's predecessor Janet Reno, who
upset the Cuban-American community over Elian and upset the militia types over
Waco and Ruby Ridge, should never be required to stop flying commercial? If
Mr. Ben-Veniste is sincere about wanting to avoid his participation in another
Warren Commission (meaning government cover-up generating conspiracy theories
for decades), he should make sure the flight lists and threat assessments are

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