Al Underwood
He's not the only one
Wed Jun 6, 2007 20:08

Edward Abboud was arrested and jailed last year for two months prior to the heavily contested election of State Rep Deborah Pryce, on orders from Pryce's office. Abboud sent thousands of emails all across Ohio in the effort to remove republicans from power in Ohio, which is rapidly degenerating into a poverty state to rival WVA and ALA.
Congresswoman Deborah Pryce Jails Political Writer
January 17, 2007. Your office’s misinterpretation of my plight was used as an excuse to have me arrested and jailed for 49 days in the Franklin County workhouse, cause me to mount an expensive defense of my ‘sanity’ (with a documented statement by a Jewish psychologist from Netcare saying that I had ‘…bizarre notions about Jews…’)– , to lose employment, and attendant financial, social and professional calamities. A number of persons had warned me that you might try to have me jailed prior to the election in order to keep me off of the Internet, reducing potential damage to your congressional aspiration prior to the election. Now it has become obvious to me that a number of malicious and premeditated events here in Columbus involving state and federal agencies may have state appointed instigators behind them. ...   

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