Reporter Arrested For Asking Giuliani Tough Questions
Wed Jun 6, 2007 01:16

Reporter Arrested For Asking Giuliani Tough Questions

UPDATE: Here is video of the event in question. Matt Lepacek who is a reporter for Infowars.Com and a member of We Are Change had his Constitutional first amendment rights clearly violated. So much for free press. We are now living in the fourth reich.

The first amendment is under serious attack following an incident that took place at the GOP presidential debates up here in New Hampshire. Matt Lepacek a member of the activist/alternative media group We Are Change was arrested for simply attempting to question Rudy Giuliani about different issues including the fact that he previously lied to the We Are Change group about his involvement in the events of 9/11. This event shows that we no longer have freedom of speech or freedom of press in this country.

Even though Mr. Lapecek was unable to specifically question Giuliani he was able to pepper one of Giuliani's staff members with hard questions. Despite asking these questions in a respectful manner, Mr. Lepacek was escorted out of the building even though he was asking legitimate questions and had press credentials issued to him by the debate organizers. Mr. Lepacek protested his removal from the post-debate press area and demanded to know from police officers why his Constitutional rights were being violated. He attempted to re-enter the building and was subsequently arrested and charged with criminal trespassing for merely exercising his Constitutional rights. What made this even crazier was the fact that most of this was broadcast via a live web camera feed on the We Are Change web site. Hundreds of people witnessed Mr. Lepacek be arrested by the police officers even after he informed them that video of the events were being broadcast live on the Internet.

It would be one thing if he intentionally created a disruption during the debate itself or in the post-debate press area but he did nothing of the sort. All he wanted to do was ask Giuliani and other candidates the tough questions that the establishment media is afraid and unwilling to ask. What is really ridiculous is that he didn't even get a chance to question Giuliani and yet he was still escorted out of the building. Do we really have a free press if certain members of the press are selectively escorted away from political figures? We clearly have a situation where the establishment press is a lapdog for the government. A free press that is a watchdog of the government is one of the keys in having a free and open society. It appears clear from Lepacek's arrest that we have neither a free or open society.

Details are still sketchy on these events, but I witnessed a good portion of the web feed by watching the live video feed in the group's RV at the debate. I also got information from the other We Are Change members and everything indicates that this is an extremely disturbing event. His removal from the building was unjustified and his arrest for criminal trespassing was a clear violation of his Constitutional rights.

Welcome to Nazi America. Judging from the early reports of this event, it appears as if we no longer have a free press in this country. We'll provide an update on this event tomorrow as more details come available.

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