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According to the Newsweek issue dated June 4, 2007, entitled Secret War with Washington, U.S. President George Bush, Jr. expects a bloody summer in Iraq due to a growing covert war between the United States of America and Iran. Tehran purportedly supports Iraq insurgent thru a super secret unit called Department 9000 which is allegedly part of elite Quds force of the Iranian Islamic revolutionary guards corps. This elite unit reportedly supports a clandestine liaison between Shiite insurgents and IRGC, the Iran’s main internal security arm.

President Bush approved a secret order authorizing the CIA to harass but not to overthrow the Iranian regime.

Is the Bush Administration serious in Iran’s regime change? Is it just saber rattling and could be part of psy ops to neutralize the unity and expansionism of the Shiites in the Middle East?

Why register your punches? In a successful intrusion, the element of surprise is a must like what the U.S. did to Libya, Which effectively neutralized Khaddafi.

Could this be the chicken hawks war policy to prolong the battle like what they did to Saddam Hussein and Iraq? Or is it a way to drag other nation states to support Iran’s fight against the American establishment?

The Newsweek deliberate leak could also be an exposé by patriots in the U.S. media, a déjà vu of Pulitzer Prize awardee and veteran writer-reporter Jack Anderson’s exposing former president Richard Nixon’s lies about the U.S. tilt in the India-Pakistan war.

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