Michael Treis
Naughty, Naughty Men
Thu Jun 7, 2007 13:22

Naughty, Naughty Men
By Michael Treis

There in Ellis County Texas courtroom a county attorney Joe Grubbs and a District Judge (sic) Gene Knize has been naughty, VERY naughty! Some would think criminally so.
It has become the custom for this slimy duo to make even slimmer deals (FIFTY in the last two years) for the slimiest of all characters child pedophiles. Many charged with numerous counts of sex, and indecency with minors below the age of fourteen. What is the most repeated sentence?, 10 years probation. What is Judge (sic) Gene Knize’s reasoning? It cost too much to have a trial!! What is the cost to the victim? What is the cost to the community to release them back on the community with only a slap of the wrist probation? What does that say of the justice system? It says Joe Grubbs and Gene Knize would rather collect probation fees, court fees, fines, etc., than put the slime balls in jail. It says; go molest our children pay the fines and walk free. It says; these men are turning crime into their private pimping service for perverts. It says morally devoid and corrupt officials are betraying the children of Ellis County Texas. But whose fault is that? Ours! Because after finding out what these slim balls are doing, we didn’t at least tar & feather them. These men should go to jail for felony perjury of oath after being horse whipped! Where is the outrage for the children? Where is the justified indignation for crimes against our children? Crimes for which these men collect pimp service funds. Makes me want to puke!

Lets take it to the streets!

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