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Home Grown Terrorists
Thu Jun 7, 2007 15:21

Early this morning Litton Terrorists struck one of your own, BIG BOB, from Tennessee. In spite of two federal protective court orders, one from the chapter 11 filing of New Century, and the second from Bob's filing to reopen his Chapter 13 in Knoxville, TN, He and his family were forcible removed by the BLOUNT COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE Lead by Captain Merkes. Bob was arrested, and shortly there after required an ambulance to take him to the hospital for chest pains, two of Bob's son's were also arrested and transferred to the BLOUNT COUNTY SHERIFF'S Office.

I was down at Big Bob's home all last week, doing a documentary film with Pacific Street Films, called "FOLLOW THE MONEY" Litton Loan Terrorists first attempted to evict Big Bob, even with no less than 3 federal protective orders in place. Sheriff's Captain Merkes forced his way onto the property with the property manger for Litton Loan, and were ready to remove Bob and his family. They were stopped on the front porch after being notified that Federal Judge Phillips from Knoxville had in fact signed an order preventing them for taking possession.

During the filming of this entire incident, Litton Loans property manager was observed giving what appeared money to the Captain Merkes of the BLOUNT COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE. This incident was reported in writing and verbally to the FBI, Special Agent Duffy.

I'm posting this so everyone knows that Terrorism like this on own population is occurring every day. More family's have been subjected to terror tactics by Litton Loan and Larry Sr and Jr, than any forge in attacks.

The recent article in Forbe's is really only the tip of the problem.

I can't help to wonder how this Litton Loan Property manager and Capt. Merkes from Blount County Sheriff's are going to explain what was "Transferred" and by the way, their was audio also picked up!

Bob's sons were also arrested, and currently in BLOUNT COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE, and BIG BOB is currently in a hospital with severe chest pains.

I can only hope the documentary comes out, and exposes Litton's property manager paying off the Good Ol Captain!

Much more to follow!!!!!

Larry Jr. and Sr: remember what I said about class actions suits and litigation? I hope you kept a copy of my voice mail!! Terrorists actions against your own people!

The Gentleman who submitted this is a Former Marine and Police officer and now is a mortgage/insurance investigator

If we want to get to the bottom of all these secret actions by the governments and corporations it's seizing control of our assets. The Fed fractional reserve system is collaterized by mortgages and mbs (mortgage backed securities) are the basis of all sorts of leveraged scams.

The government is very well aware of this issue these home are being stolen on the basis of fabricated foreclosures where all payments have been made on time and on the basis of fabricated title/loan transfers.

Combined with Kelo V New London it shows we have no property rights anymore and are not safe in our own homes.

The site is this is posted on 

Big Bob is friend of mine and we were working together on Deutsche bank money laundering evidence.

I have been falsely arrested and even told to get out of whole states and stay out myself despite breaking no laws not even a moving violation in over ten years.

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