Marshals Fired Rounds At Ed Brown's Dog
Fri Jun 8, 2007 13:32

Marshals Fired Rounds At Ed Brown's Dog Walker Before Planned Siege
Testimony proves that yesterday's events were not just preparation for a siege - it was a siege, dog walker's disappearance gave Browns early warning and operation was aborted

Astounding testimony from Danny Riley, the man who was arrested by U.S. Marshals after walking Ed Brown's dog near his property yesterday morning, proves that Thursday's events in Plainfield New Hampshire represent a planned siege that was only aborted after Riley's disappearance gave the Browns early warning that militarized police and SWAT teams were descending on their home.

In the video blog, Riley also reveals that U.S. Marshals attempted to kill him as he ran by firing two sniper rounds that whizzed past his head as he attempted to escape, before eventually being Tasered on his shoulder and arrested.

Watch the video below.

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