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8. Cho was under surveillance

Re: "Cho went to bed early by college standards, about 9p.m. He often rose early, but in recent weeks he had been rising even earlier, frequently before dawn, Aust said. Such was the case Monday.

Cho awoke before 5 a.m., then sat down to work on his computer and awakened his roommate in the process. Grewal, who shares a room in the same suite, saw Cho in the bathroom shortly after 5 a.m.

As usual, Cho did not say anything to Grewal. No good morning, no hello, Grewal said. Cho stood in the bathroom, brushing his teeth, wetting his contact lenses and applying a moisturizer.

He also took a prescription medicine, though neither Aust nor Grewal knew what the medication was for." (Mercury News "Shooter/ classmates feared he would kill", 4/18/07)

To get up early before dawn is not popular, especially for those who do not habituate to. Did Cho's suitemate follow up Cho's routine? The description was so detailed that it seems like Cho was under surveillance.

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487. Informants troop (6) (5/28/07)

8. Cho was under surveillance

If you used to get up at 7:am, when your family member get up before 5.a.m. would you follow up him(her)? Generally, people would go on with his sleep. Do you have habit to follow up your family member to the bathroom? Generally people don't bother others in bathroom unless there is emergency.

Re: " "Caught in the backlash", (ACLU reported on 11/13/01),

Charlotte Wu, a 20 years old student of UC Berkley, was visited by 3 policemen of camps about one month after 911 last year. It's about 30 minutes after she finished a phone call. In phone call, she instructed her friends how to play an internet game. It's a spy game. Player must put bomb at the foot of wall to break it. Policemen questioned her why she talked about spy and bomb on the phone. At last, she had to go to her friend's place with police to clarify it. Lucky enough, her friend was still playing that spy and bomb game.

Charlotte Wu never talked to policemen for all her 19 years experience. (She was 19 then) She was very scare and wonder how could police know what she said in phone call. Policemen didn't explain.

She may never know her phone is under surveillance if she hadn't talked about spy and bomb.



(I learned this from "World Journal" of 11/14/2002 in which it said Ms. Wu still didn't know how police could know her phone call one year later. Several days later a message told me it was reported by her suite-mate. I am surprised at that for the whole year Ms. Wu hadn't got an explanation from police, now when it became a news, they said it was from an informer. Some response said it was Echelon or Carnivore. So despite of the surveillance system on communication, there maybe a surveillance net of informant? No wonder Ashcroft proposed TIPS programme of one million informants.)

There were other cases indicated informant are everywhere.

In July, 2006, news reported the Miami terror cell case. In which FBI sent an informant, disguised as Al Qaida messenger, to direct the group to attack FBI office throughout the country.

In May, 2007, news reported the extremists group plotted to attack Fort Dix. In which FBI sent an informant to offer the group the assault rifles.

Remember, FBI doesn't have a crystal ball which can tell it where there is a terror cell. There must be a surveillance net gave it the information. So before Feds could sent out a directive informant to set up the case, there was an informer there already.

From above samples, we know how densely and thickly the informant are used. Each dorm of the university or about average six people there is one informer. This is a spy country.

In July 2002, former Attorney General Ashcroft announced Operation TIPS in which government will recruit one million mail carriers, utility readers..... to be informants to report suspicious event. . I at first wondered how could the Feds recruit one million people in a short period. How big is US Army? One million and something. It's almost another Pentagon to recruit one million informants. Then as I get familiar with Feds, I knew they have that informant troops already. Operation TIPS is only an attempt to turn one million of that troops from the underground to formal establishment.

Cho Seung Hui's behave in bathroom at about 5 a.m. on 4/16/07 was recorded either by a needle point camera or some people's mind. It means he was under close surveillance that particular day. Because he would play an important role in the coming tragedy - a scapegoat of the massacre. Feds didn't want their plan go wrong.

(to be continued)

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