Stephen M. St. John
USS Liberty: Missing Piece to the Middle East Peace Puzzle
Wed Jun 7, 2006 11:11

Text of fax broadcast:
Citizen of the USA Stephen M. St. John addresses the international community here in New York City and Washington, all members of the US Congress and other organizations and individuals, and brings to their attention the approaching 39th anniversary of the deliberate Zionist attack on the USS Liberty on 8 June 1967. Citizen St. John points out that the US Congress has, for political reasons, evaded its constitutionally mandated responsibility "To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offenses against the Law of Nations" with respect to the attack on the USS Liberty; that the legal counsel of the US Navy Court of Inquiry repudiated the Court's findings and has brought into question the integrity of President Lyndon Johnson and Admiral John McCain, and the Court's investigation and report; that the survivors of the USS Liberty (see ) in June of 2005 filed an official complaint of war crimes against the Zionist state at the Pentagon, but this legal action has been thus far ignored. Wherefore, Citizen St. John urges the international community to fill the legal void left by the
proper authorities in the USA with a United Nations International Independent Investigation Commission along the lines of the one established for the murder of Rafiq Hariri. Furthermore, Citizen St. John emphasizes that the true story
of the Zionist attack on the USS Liberty is more than an issue of justice denied; the USS Liberty is the missing piece to the Middle East peace puzzle, for it mirrors the very same Realpolitik that has for so very long obstructed truth, justice and peace in this region. Citizen St. John recalls that the attack on the USS Liberty took place on the fourth day of the "Six Day War" when the IDF's sole remaining objective point was the "Little Maginot Line" atop Syria's Golan Heights; thus the damaged Big Ear of the NSA could not monitor the improbable taking of the Golan 1 2 3 in less than 24 hours.

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