Stephen M. St. John
King of Syria Abdul Halim Khaddam: Made in USA
Wed Jun 7, 2006 18:31

Text of fax broadcast:
King of three castles – none of them of the Golan Heights! King of two yachts – neither of them plies the Sea of Galilee! King Abdul Halim Khaddam, like his old boss, the late Hafez al-Asad, knows the art of the deal. Hafez al-Asad, the only man in world history to become head of state after losing a significant part of this nation's sovereign territory, took his reward for the myth of myths: the fall of the Golan. The US Navy spy ship USS Liberty almost gave away the game; the NSA's Big Ear would have heard and recorded a remarkable lack of expected command and control from the Syrian high command on the 4th day of the Six Day War of 1967, when the Golan was the sole remaining objective point of the Israel "Defense" Force. So the Zionists took care of this problem (which the Congress of the USA has shamefully declined to "define and punish") then quite astonishingly took the "Little Maginot Line" atop the Golan Heights in less than 24 hours! (The only "miracle" that happened that 8 June 1967 was the USS Liberty's staying afloat, which spawned the survivors' website – an official "miracle website.") Bashar al-Asad, whose greed was chiefly for more light for his patients in his practice of ophthalmology, knows not the wheeling and dealing at Beirut's gaming tables where CIA corrupter Sam Giancana (fresh from a very successful 1963 gig in Dallas for his boss Meyer Lansky, whose friend David Ben Gurion wanted JFK's opposition to Zionist nuclear weapons removed) would recruit fresh talent and pursue his avid interest in the botany of the Bekka valley. May the Almighty help Bashar al-Asad and the Syrian people withstand the psychopathic Zionist Neo-Conservative drive for full-spectrum dominance through full-spectrum fraud and force and other means of duress, including satanic telephonic voice impersonation, evidence of which is available for the judges at the Hague to consider. And King Khaddam? He's made in the USA!


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