Please Email Lou Dobbs Immediately About Coulter.
Thu Jun 8, 2006 03:52

Please Email Lou Dobbs Immediately About Coulter.

To Lou Dobbs, June 8, 2006

It is my understanding that you will have Ann Coulter on today’s show (June 8th) and I am literally begging you to cancel your planned interview with her. No, this is not about censorship, but standing up for the right thing. Her disparaging remarks against these 9/11 widows was truly reprehensible and out of respect for them since they lost loved ones, they do not need to feel that emotional rape all over again. Yes, through her heinous words, that is exactly what she did. She raped them emotionally. So, please go deep within your heart and know that having her on your show will do further damage to these widows who must face a lifetime without their loved ones. They are truly facing Hell on Earth and we must be there to support them. If I had thought she went too far in the past, this takes the cake. The corporate media must treat her as a pariah and an outcast.


Mary MacElveen!

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